CoD players slam 'ridiculous' skins on offer and ask for future games to 'calm down'

CoD players slam 'ridiculous' skins on offer and ask for future games to 'calm down'
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3rd Jun 2024 14:19

Skins have become a fundamental part of the Call of Duty experience, but many of the drops in Modern Warfare 3 have led to fans questioning whether things have gone too far.

The days of Blue Tiger and Fall camos are long gone, and the game now has everything from your favourite TV show characters to celebrities like Nicki Minaj. This isn't a trend unique to the Call of Duty series, but there's certainly built up a contingent of players that wish to return to the way things used to be.

Fans have had enough of the new skins

Reddit user u/baddazoner started a discussion on the Call of Duty subreddit, claiming that the skins in the game have gotten 'ridiculous', and that future games need to 'calm down'.

They continue on, listing some of the tie-in skins that have been released including "space marines," "a bunch of celebrities," and even a "Groot skin with a f****** tree running around." If there's one thing you can't fault the series on it's variety!

It certainly illustrates how much distance has been created from what cosmetics used to be in the games though. You'd typically only be limited to weapon camos, with the rare occasion where one would stray from military-inspired aesthetics.

Yet now, it would be seen as a 'dead' release if a new skin or bundle isn't a complete overhaul, typically in the style of a character from something else.

Can Call of Duty ever return to its roots?

It feels like we've passed the point of no return by now, but that doesn't mean that everyone is happy. In the original post, u/baddazoner argues that "this isn't a game like Overwatch or Fortnite where the skins fit the art style," claiming that the 'ridiculous' skins in question only "add to how weird the game looks now."

Image of a luminous green Operator skin in Modern Warfare 3
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One commenter argued that they're "not saying never change, but don't forget your roots lmao," continuing on to state that "we should all just buy Fortnite instead."

It's hard to ignore the effects of Epic Games' battle royale on the industry at large, but Call of Duty has certainly been at the helm of adopting a similar model.

Another user doesn't have hope for the future either, arguing that "Treyarch is notorious for doing the wild goofy skins on ops and weapons," but we'll just have to wait and see if the trend continues.

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