CoD fans want most OP weapon all of time back in MW3

CoD fans want most OP weapon all of time back in MW3
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Alex Garton


4th Dec 2023 14:30

Completely fresh content in Call of Duty is always immensely exciting, but nothing gets the community on the edge of their seat more than the return of iconic weapons and maps.

This is demonstrated perfectly in Modern Warfare 3, with the game being built specifically to play on fans' nostalgia.

Well, MW3 players aren't just satisfied with the remastered MW2 (2009) maps, they want Sledgehammer to bring back more OG weapons. In particular, competitors want to see the return of arguably the most OP set of guns in Call of Duty history.

MW3 fans want akimbo Model 1887s to make a return

Taking to Twitter on November 30, a popular Call of Duty account, the TheMW2Ghost, asked the community whether they would like to see the SPAS-12 or the Model 1887s back in MW3.

Surprisingly, the majority voted for the absurdly broken Model 1887s to make a comeback, despite them arguably being the strongest weapons in the history of the franchise.

"1887 all day, only the OGs know," said one user, with another arguing, "The model 1887s would be really fun to play with again and would fill the void that the lever action rifle category is missing in MW3."

There was some love for the "classic" SPAS-12 and its one-shot capabilities, but the 1887s were just too iconic back in 2009. They were the go-to secondary for such a long time in the meta, but what made them so powerful?

Why were the akimbo Model 1887s so broken in MW2 (2009)?

Akimbo model 1887
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With the Model 1887s being in the shotgun category, you would assume this means they can only be effective in close-quarter gunfights.

Well, this was far from the truth, with the dual weapons being able to snipe enemies at mid to long-range. If that wasn't enough, you barely had to aim at the target, as the damage was so potent they would just instantly delete the foe.

Outmatching the Model 1887s felt like an impossible task, and eventually, they were hit with a hefty nerf. However, the pre-patch version of the weapon is considered to be one of the most powerful guns in CoD history. Seeing them back in MW3 would be a treat, but Sledgehammer will need to tune them down a little.

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