MW3 fans discover incredible MW2 (2009) story easter egg on Rust

MW3 fans discover incredible MW2 (2009) story easter egg on Rust
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Alex Garton


27th Nov 2023 10:02

One of Modern Warfare 3's biggest strengths is the wave of nostalgia it brings to the table for OG Call of Duty fans.

Running around the chaotic MW2 (2009) maps at full speed with UMP45 (Striker) in hand is an incredible feeling, and transports you back to the golden era of the franchise.

However, sometimes it's the little details that matter most and this time, it's Rust that's under the spotlight. 

Not because of an OP power position or a strategy to dominate the map, but instead due to an MW2 (2009) campaign easter egg that revolves around one of the most iconic moments in the series.

Shepherd skull easter can be found on MW3 Rust

While wandering around the MW3 Rust map, as showcased by ModernWarzone, user LucaBoechat discovered an easter egg that's guaranteed to capture the attention of any MW2 (2009) fans. Laying on the ground is General Shepherd's skull with a throwing knife jammed in the right eyeball. 

For those who are unaware, at the end of the MW2 (2009) campaign, Soap executes Shepherd with a well-placed throwing knife to the eye.

As one of the most legendary story moments in the franchise, it's brilliant to see Sledgehammer providing the community with a subtle throwback.

Although it's a detail that's easily missed, it's an awesome addition for those who took down the General all those years ago.

MW3 players reflect on "epic" Shepherd death from MW2

Rust MW3
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The final showdown with Shepherd on Rust back in 2009 was an epic culmination of an action-packed story that CoD fans will never forget.

However, this reminder of the good old days has left a bitter taste in players' mouths when it comes to MW3's story and how the newer version of Shepherd was dispatched.

"I can't believe we got Shepherd's death in MW3 in a cutscene when the original had a playable mission with one of the most epic build-ups and endings in gaming history."

There's no doubt that MW3's (2023) story did not live up to expectations, but at least there are still references to a campaign of old that some regard as the best-ever in the series.

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