CoD community convinced DMZ is 'dead in the eyes of the developers'

CoD community convinced DMZ is 'dead in the eyes of the developers'
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Alex Garton


28th Nov 2023 13:00

The release of Modern Warfare 3's Operation Deadbolt Zombies has raised a lot of questions surrounding the future of DMZ.

This is because the new undead experience shares a lot of elements with MW2's extraction mode, so much so that it appears to be its replacement.

In the lead-up to and since the launch of MW3, there have been no updates on whether DMZ will continue to be supported in the future.

For some Call of Duty fans, this is just proof that DMZ has been sidelined and is effectively "dead in the eyes of the developers."

CoD's DMZ mode may have been completely sidelined by devs


It's starting to dawn on Call of Duty players that DMZ's time in the spotlight may have passed, and Activision is likely to halt any future content for the mode.

According to DETONATED, CoD creators have hinted that DMZ will get no new content in Modern Warfare 3 Season 1.

This information was reportedly gathered at CoD NEXT from the developers themselves, even though an official statement surrounding DMZ has not been released.

As revealed by TheGhostOfHope, there will be one final reset before the "end of support" as the "mode is dead in the eyes of the developers." While this news isn't shocking, it's a massive blow to any DMZ fans who still saw potential in the mode's future.

Call of Duty fans divided over DMZ era coming to an end

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The end of DMZ's lifecycle has completely split Call of Duty players, with some arguing it was "dead from day 1," and others claiming it's a "horrible decision to abandon it."

It's clear there's a lot of love for DMZ amongst CoD fans, who have put forward that the mode has a lot of potential that wasn't realised by the devs.

"Sad because DMZ is the best game mode in Call of Duty," said one user, with another arguing, "Honestly all it needs is some spawn adjustments, bug fixes, and a slightly stricter version of the current bounty system."

For now, the future of DMZ is only based on speculation, as we've had nothing official from Activision. However, some of the community are taking their silence as a bad sign and are assuming the worst ahead of Season 1.

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