Chopping Down Elden Ring's Erdtree Gives You A Performance Boost

Chopping Down Elden Ring's Erdtree Gives You A Performance Boost
Images: FromSoftware | K4richard

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Joseph Kime


4th Aug 2022 12:14

Elden Ring is a game of such unbelievable scale, it's impressive that FromSoftware has made it playable at all. The game is the most expansive than the Dark Souls team has ever come close to before - teeming with hostile life and loot in every corner as a grand achievement.

There's so much going on that it's a miracle Elden Ring has been compressed to such a degree that even the most high-end PCs can manage to run it. Of course, some players have had performance issues, which seems like par for the course with open-world games that seem to go on forever. Now, one modder has found an unorthodox way to improve gameplay.

Why Should You Remove The Erdtree From Elden Ring?

Chopping Down Elden Ring's Erdtree Gives You A Performance Boost
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Drastically trimming down on the things that need to be rendered in Elden Ring, one modder has completely removed the giant tree from the centre of the map and managed to crank up their framerate.

Modder K4richard has shared their new project that uproots the entire tree that presides over The Lands Between. In the process, it's made their game run faster. Before Elden Ring came out, we warned it would melt the average PC, so any way to trim the fat is greatly appreciated.

Showing off the mod on NexusMods, K4richard announced that axing the Erdtree from Elden Ring will allow you to "receive a 5-15 frame boost depending on your PC because of all the particles removed from the game." It's a pretty smart way to give the performance of the fantasy epic a big kick, especially as it's so demanding anyway.


How Do I Install The Mod That Removes The Erdtree?

If you want to install the mod yourself, all you need to do is install the Mod Engine 2 for Elden Ring found on its github page. You can then use that to drop the brand new files downloaded from the mod page on NexusMods into the mod folder in the engine.

The mod simply replaces the model of the Erdtree with one that's totally blank, so it's a pretty simple one all things considered. It might leave a tree-shaped hole in your Lands Between, but damn, it's effective. If you've been having trouble with the performance of Elden Ring, then this could be your ticket to a smoother game.

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