Chinese Government Claims They've 'Resolved' Gaming Addiction

Chinese Government Claims They've 'Resolved' Gaming Addiction
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Joseph Kime


23rd Nov 2022 14:45

Since the dawn of video games, parents and politicians (for some reason) have been objecting to them. Taking up the "think of the children!" attitude in a fight-back that never really worked, and the industry trundled regardless. Video game addiction became a real concern for parents, especially with the advent of Fortnite taking over the world, but for the most part, it has been a bit of a nothing problem. Except for the Chinese government.

What Has China Done To Tackle Gaming Addiction?

China has made huge efforts to keep young people away from video games, going so far as to impose curfews on game time, and restrict players to no more than an hour on each day of the weekend from August 2021.

It certainly seems like a lot, and it gets even more intense - recently, big publishers in the gaming space in China were applauded by the GPC (China Game Publishers Association Publications Committee) for introducing new measures to ensure that young people don't spend too long playing video games, with Tencent going so far as to introduce facial recognition technology to ensure kids don't breach curfews.

These efforts are pretty intense by the Chinese Government, and it's incredibly invasive to go so far as to introduce facial scans - but it seems to be working in their favour.

China Has 'Resolved' Gaming Addiction

Well, that settles that.

According to some new data from the GPC, 75% of minors played less than three hours a week, and they're so confident in the results, that they implied the potential lifting of some of these rules, that were once considered to be a restriction on "spiritual opium."

These "remarkable" results are certainly fascinating, and though there's every chance that actual addiction to gaming has changed, but rather, has simply put a restriction on the hours that kids play, with them likely playing more given the opportunity. China can lay down all the rules it likes, but nothing stops the fervent passion of Roblox fans.

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