CDL pros want to bring all-star team out of retirement

CDL pros want to bring all-star team out of retirement

Written by 

Jack Marsh


1st Mar 2023 16:49

OpTic Texas' newest recruit Dan "Ghosty" Rothe has already made quite the impression on the Call of Duty League, as he flies the flag for every young player in the world by getting the best rookie transfer in the esports' long and illustrious lifespan.

Never has an unproven amateur been given a shot on a top-four team, and coming into an organisation such as OpTic, Ghosty is living the dream that every young player wants.

But as new players come into the scene, the community is still grieving over the retirement of Seth "Scump" Abner. Now, other new faces to the league want to see a legends team formed. 

Call of Duty League pros want to see a legends team formed

Returning to the league for his second stint, Tyler "FeLo" Johnson has joined Ghosty in earning a team spot through impressive amateur displays in the Challengers scene.

Now, appearing on-stream alongside Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto, the exciting Florida Mutineers prospect has called for the legends he grew up watching to un-retire and form a legends team.

The Assualt Rifle main asked ZooMaa to run it back alongside Scump, Anthony "Methodz" Zinni, and Damon "Karma" Barlow to compete in Challengers and run up one of the most-watched games of all time.

FeLo explains why a legends team would work in the CDL Challengers

"I think you, Seth, and other players should play Challengers and stream every single cup," the future star said, hoping that they capitalise on the influx of fans that are being found on Twitch (amid a potential YouTube takeover).

"If you took it as seriously as you could in the short timeline, it would be godlike. I think that would be dope, I'd watch it!", FeLo added. "Dude, I'd watch that and you guys would be nasty. You'd be disgusting."

The CDL set viewership highs in recent weeks, and the addition of a legends team rolling back the years against the next wave of prospects would be quite a spectacle to behold.

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