CDL pro’s double wall hack kill has fans freaking out

CDL pro’s double wall hack kill has fans freaking out
Florida Mutineers | CDL

Written by 

Jack Marsh


6th Mar 2023 15:48

Call of Duty League professional Brendan "2ReaL" Stockdale is making the most of his recent pick-up opportunity, having joined Vegas Legion in February.

As the newly-appointed man has evidently put some serious homework into wall-bang spots. So much so that a recent double wall-bang kill is making fans question his PC.

Having once had a short stint on Florida Mutineers - and becoming synonymous with using a gaming pillow - 2ReaL is back in the top-flight league for the second time. He's hoping to solidify his stature in the pro scene and elevate Vegas off the bottom of the table.

In their latest match against Los Angeles Guerrillas, the 24-year-old pulled off something that shocked the entire community, as he nailed two wall-bangs on Search and Destroy, which looked like something you would see from a hacker.

2ReaL stuns CDL with wall-bang double kill 

Operating in Legion's final Major III Qualifier, where a win would set them up for a winner's bracket seeding, 2ReaL was up against it in the El Asilo Search and Destroy map. He was going 2/5 whilst 1-4 down on rounds. 

However, in the sixth round, the rising talent picked up the bomb and read LAG's defensive structure to a tee, where he pushed the A-site and perfectly predicted where the enemies were.

The first kill was seemingly a result of the door being opened, meaning 2ReaL knew there was a player sitting behind it, while the other corner is a typical spot for defenders to watch the bomb site behind ample cover.

'PC Checks' called for amid 2ReaL's double kill

With the laser-like precision being typical of something you'd see from a hacker, CDL fans, pundits, and commentators joked that we now need a PC check on Legion's most recent pick-up.

Even the opposing LAG players joked that they needed to get his PC checked, as the lobby crashed not long after. "Had to get him PC checked after those wall-bangs, we will be continuing shortly," jibed Joe "JoeDeceives".

Others did back the player, with one fan especially saying, "2ReaL putting in time to learn the wall-bangs is so good for the game, [it] shows he is willing to put the study in for the game."

Unfortunately, the crazy kills were only enough to win them the round, but not the game, as LAG soon went on to close out the Search and Destroy and the following Control and Hardpoint to win 3-1 and dump Legion into the Loser's Bracket.

Ranked players, take notes, as you might learn a line-up or two that will help your next game.

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