CATAN and Goat Simulator 3's April Fool's crossover is no joke

CATAN and Goat Simulator 3's April Fool's crossover is no joke
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Tom Chapman


1st Apr 2023 14:00

We've got a sheep in goat's clothing, as an April Fool's crossover between CATAN and Goat Simulator 3 is officially here. We know April 1 is usually a day for jokes, and while Goat Simulator is known for poking fun at us, this is the real deal.

There's been a spate of sheep kidnappings, as CATAN social media channels reported their sheep have gone missing - leaving us without the vital resource card. Don't worry, it didn't take her long to reappear...just not where you might expect.

CATAN and Goat Simulator 3 celebrate April Fool's crossover

CATAN Sheep Goat Simulator.
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Changing places, those who visit CATAN on Board Game Arena and console editions will also see that Goat Sim's Pilgor has taken on the sheep's in-game role.

Coffee Stain North and Coffee Stain Publishing have agreed to relocate Goat Simulator 3's MVP, who is coincidentally celebrating her ninth birthday if you remember the first Goat Simulator launched on April 1,  2014. 

Goat Simulator 3 has temporarily rebranded as Sheep Simulator 3, while Pilgor can be found in CATAN until a suitable replacement can be herded. We hear Pilgor will be there until 23:59 (GMT) April 1st. 

Santiago Ferrero, Creative Director at Coffee Stain North said: "We couldn't be happier to welcome CATAN's sheep to San Angora, sheep are basically fluffier goats at the end of the day so we know she'll fit right in.

"The island could also use a break from the troublesome Pilgor who we've managed to offload for a while to Catan to fill in as their resource goat,since she's technically 32 in goat years it's high time she tried her hooves at a proper job!"

You can win your own Goat Sim CATAN cards

Pilgor cards Goat Simulator CATAN
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To honour this momentous occasion, residents in the USA can win their own pack of limited edition Pilgor resource cards. Simply follow this link and enter your details to potentially have Pilgor in pack. 

"It brings us shear joy that our beloved sheep has been found safe and sound, and that she is having a great time in San Angora," said Pete Fenlon, CEO of CATAN Studio.

"And while she is on her woolly adventure, we are equally happy to welcome Pilgor to Catan. No goat could make a better stand-in! May she happily run wild in Catan’s rich pastures. Welcome to the flock, Pilgor!"

You can now play as CATAN's sheep in Goat Simulator 3 on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and on PC via the Epic Game Store. 

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