Captain Jack Sparrow could be coming to Fortnite according to insider

Captain Jack Sparrow could be coming to Fortnite according to insider
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Megan Cooke


28th Jan 2024 19:23

An industry insider has suggested that Captain Jack Sparrow could be coming to Fortnite in the future, though probably not for a while.

Players are sceptical of the leak, and the inclusion of the legendary pirate should be taken with a grain of salt.

Insiders say Captain Jack Sparrow could be coming to Fortnite

Insider Nick Baker, known as Shpeshal Nick, recently suggested that Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean could be coming to Fortnite in the future.

Speaking on the XboxEra podcast, Nick said: “I was given a choice and I’ve gotta be careful what I say here. The problem with Fortnite is you don’t know when Epic is gonna do what they’re gonna do.

“My person said, you take your pick in which one you want to mention, and I wasn’t sure what to go with, because I have a couple here that I can pick from and I’ve got to be wary about what I do here.

“I guess the one I’ll mention, I don’t see this one coming anytime soon. I’ve been told that at some point we’re gonna see Jack Sparrow in Fortnite. Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow.”

Rumours that Captain Jack Sparrow could be coming to Fortnite have circulated online before, with some people thinking that hints towards him being added were included in a teaser for Chapter 3 Season 3 back in 2022.

The rumours at the time turned out to be false, with the legendary pirate yet to make an appearance in Fortnite.

More recently, a Fortnite player survey from December 2023 listed both Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and Captain Jack Sparrow as crossovers that they would like to see appear in the game.

Players have mixed opinions on whether or not the leak is real

While some players are hopeful that the leak could be true, others are more sceptical, particularly as Nick has been disproved before.

One commenter pointed out that the wording sounded more like it was sharing questionnaire results than an upcoming crossover.

They said: “The way he worded his statement makes it seem like the character only appeared in a survey and isn't actually confirmed to come.”

“Guessing “any popular character coming to fortnite at some point” could be made up, and believable, and potentially eventually correct, by anyone,” commented another.

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With the number of Fortnite crossovers which have sprung up over the last few years, and are predicted to be arriving soon, it does feel as though the leak could just as easily be a good guess as it is actual information.

It is important to remember to take any leaks like this with a grain of salt, as even if it is true currently, that doesn't mean the character will ever actually make it into the game.

Megan is GGRecon's Evening & Weekend News Writer. She has an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and is working towards finishing her masters in Journalism. When she isn’t writing about games she can be found reading romance novels or playing cosy games like Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, APICO, and Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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