Capcom Teases More Resident Evil Remakes

Capcom Teases More Resident Evil Remakes
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Tom Chapman


24th Feb 2022 10:47

Come on Capcom, hurry up and reopen the Hive for us. While Johannes Roberts' Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City failed to breathe new life into the bloated franchise on the silver screen, we're in something of a Resident Evil renaissance in terms of video games. So, what comes next?

Players have already been promised there's a Resident Evil Village DLC out there somewhere, but as we sit and twiddle our thumbs like the Duke, others are asking when the next remake will be busting free from the Capcom lab. Thankfully, it sounds like multiple remakes could be on the cards if you're hungry for more.

Are Multiple Resident Remakes On The Way?

The long history of Resident Evil remakes actually goes all the way back to 2002 - when Capcom remade 1996's Resident Evil for the GameCube. We're not sure why the idea sat stagnant, but it wasn't until 2019 that we got the Resident Evil 2 remake. Its runaway success led to 2020's remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, teasing that we'd get a yearly release of revamped classics.


Once again, the wheels have stalled. Despite repeated claims we'll get a remake of the lauded Resident Evil 4, nothing has been made official (yet). Now, someone has noticed that Capcom has updated a tonne of assets on its site. Not only does it tease that more remakes are on the way, but that the often-forgotten Resident Evil - Code: Veronica could also be set to rise from the grave.

Over on Twitter, fans noticed that Capcom's "history" section of the site updated artwork and character models for Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Resident Evil Outbreak, and Resident Evil: Outbreak File 2. More than this, Project Umbrella RE:Digest reiterates that the assets have been given an upgrade - suggesting Capcom has been tinkering on these old favourites.

What Do These Upgrades Mean?

On one hand, we're no closer to the Resident Evil 4 remake that was leaked in that massive Capcom data breach. Held by many as the best the series has ever made, Resident Evil 4 remake doesn't even need a pause to realise it would be a chart-topper in a matter of days. Still, the idea that Code: Veronica won't be skipped over for its mainline brother is great news for Resi purists.

Chronologically, Code: Veronica should be next, while 2003's Outbreak also comes ahead of RE4. Capcom only just announced Street Fighter 6, and although the shuffling corpse of Resident Evil shows no sign of slowing down, the idea of multiple remasters of the entire back catalogue is unsubstantiated by those at the top. Hopefully, we'll know more soon.


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