Call of Duty’s Nadia calls out ‘sexist’ Activision over MW3

Call of Duty’s Nadia calls out ‘sexist’ Activision over MW3
Image via nadia | Twitch

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Megan Cooke


4th Sep 2023 20:30

Popular streamer Nadia has called out Activison for having a ‘sexist’ double standard after she was not invited to CoD Next.

While she has given a number of reasons for why she has been banned, the Call of Duty streamer says she thinks it is because of the content she posts online.

Nadia called out Call of Duty in a now-deleted tweet

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Image via nadia | Dexerto

In a now-deleted tweet, screenshot by Dexerto, Nadia "Nadia" Amine expressed how she felt Activison was hypocritical as they did not invite her to the event because she posts photos of herself wearing swimwear while some invited male guests have shared more risque pictures.

She said: “Call of Duty didn’t invite me out to COD Next because of my bikini pics (I’ve never once posted nude), but has continued to invite creators out who post pictures like this and when I reached out weeks ago about the double standard, they dismissed it and lied.”

In a recent Twitch stream, Nadia gave more context to the reason she has not been invited, including that she was not playing Call of Duty at the time and that she gave some negative feedback at a previous event.

The streamer reportedly sent an email to Activision, in which she told the company she thought they were blacklisting her for her more adult fanhouse content.

However, it is worth noting that Nadia is no stranger to controversy, with cheating accusations and homophobic comments both potentially providing reasons that she may be seen as a 'brand risk'.

Nadia thinks this is a pattern for female Call of Duty creators

During her stream, Nadia stated that she thinks this is not the first time female Call of Duty content creators have been ignored by Activision.

Nadia said: “Even FaZe Kalei said something about this before when she kinda got blackballed for the shit that she tweets, but then you’ve got a picture of someone’s ass on Raven’s profile picture.

“It’s not something that’s new. It’s something that has been happening for a long time. The first biggest female Warzone player spoke up about it two years ago and here I am speaking up about it. It shouldn’t be a consistent pattern. That’s obviously something wrong.”

She added that it seems she is only able to get attention from Activison when she speaks out on Stream about how she feels neglected. Whether or not the attention she is getting for this call-out will help her get into future events is yet to be seen.

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