Call of Duty's 'hottest' villain is coming as an Operator

Call of Duty's 'hottest' villain is coming as an Operator
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20th Mar 2023 12:12

For the first time in Call of Duty history, the iconic campaign characters became sex symbols in the first few weeks of Modern Warfare 2's lifetime - especially following the early release of the single-player mode.

Many players began to ship romances between Captain Price and Kate Laswell, although it was quickly debunked given that she revealed she had a wife. Elsewhere, the bromance between Soap and Ghost quickly turned spicy on social media, with the latters' side-eye look going viral on TikTok.

But the main heart palpitations came for Valeria, as the new villain caught the attention of all MW2 fans who would happily have spent a night in the cartel's prison, just so she could hold a knife to their jugular. Now, the CoD community might be getting randy, as Valeria is set to arrive as an MW2 Operator.

Valeria Operator found in Modern Warfare 2 game files

According to CharlieIntel, dataminers have found references to Valeria in the game files, which indicate that the heartthrob heroine will be coming to Modern Warfare 2 as a multiplayer Operator.

Unfortunately, the leaks don't detail a specific time frame for Valeria's arrival. Given that she appears to have been listed amongst three other names, it could take up to three major updates (up to Season 4) for her to finally arrive.

Alejandro, Alex, and Valeria Operators leaked for MW2 arrival

Alongside Valeria, it appears rival Alejandro Vargas could also be coming as an Operator, which would make for some quite decent canonical advancements and multiplayer challenges, given the two have a bitter relationship.

Interestingly, Alex is also rumoured. Having not featured in the franchise since "dying" in Modern Warfare 2019, he was later revealed to have survived the blast but at the expense of losing a leg, as he was brought into that multiplayer scene as an Operator shortly after. 

Alejandro and Valeria's arrival could spark some sort of heroes vs villains event again, like seen in Vanguard, although we know there's only going to be one winner...and they have substantially longer hair.

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