Call Of Duty: Warzone's Attack On Titan Crossover Is Finally On The Way

Call Of Duty: Warzone's Attack On Titan Crossover Is Finally On The Way
Images: Raven Software | Funimation

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Joseph Kime


10th Jan 2022 15:08

Call of Duty has had some bizarre crossovers so far. Not straying far enough into IP territory to make the game as silly as Fortnite, yet not trying too hard to be super serious, Warzone, Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard aren't completely free of new characters from popular films and franchises. 

The Haunting of Verdansk events especially brought characters like Saw's Jigsaw and Scream's Ghostface, as well as Warzone's Action Heroes event bringing John Rambo and John McClane to the shooter title.

Vanguard has so far been free of Call of Duty's IP adoration - until now, as an unlikely crossover is finally making its arrival.

Call Of Duty Confirms Rumoured Attack On Titan Crossover

The arrival of characters from the hugely popular anime series Attack on Titan has long been rumoured to come to Call of Duty (Vanguard especially), and now, it looks as though the arrival of the show's characters into the game has been confirmed.

In response to a Funimation tweet, reminding AoT fans that the day would bring the arrival of Part 2 of the show's final season, Call of Duty has left a cryptic response that many feel has confirmed the arrival of a character to the game. "Suit up, Cadets", says the tweet, with a smattering of emojis.

This arrival has long been heralded, and one leak has actually already revealed the skin that is yet to come.

Attack On Titan's Levi Is Coming To Vanguard

Images of the brand-new Attack on Titan have actually already been revealed, but they have since been stripped from the internet as a result of a series of copyright strikes.

It has been confirmed that the character Levi will be the next skin coming to the game, with an all-new style to adapt the anime character to the hardened battlefields of World War II.

This is a crossover that has surprised both fans of Call of Duty and Attack on Titan, and though it's bizarre, it's equally very ambitious. We're excited to see Levi finally arrive on the battlefield - and to see every other player in all of our games repping the skin.


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