Call Of Duty Players Are Learning To 'Build' Like Fortnite

Call Of Duty Players Are Learning To 'Build' Like Fortnite
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Jack Marsh


12th Oct 2022 12:54

It's a mechanic that tore battle royale and FPS players apart. But love it or hate it, Fortnite's building element has directly contributed to it becoming one of the best games in the last ten years. So why not bring it to Call of Duty? Well, one player has... kind of.

Call of Duty has never had much in the way of protection when a player starts raining bullets on your carcass - unless you've got a snappy shot or incredible movement. If you're being shot at first, then there's not much you can do but hope the enemy can't control their recoil.

So, some Warzone players have been inspired by Fortnite's building mechanics to erect cover to cower behind, and ultimately, get healthy to out-gun opponents.

Does Call of Duty: Warzone Have Building?

One Call of Duty TikTok phenomenon has started to pull in Fortnite's building mechanic into their Warzone gameplay, thanks to the Deployable Cover field upgrade.

Often a discarded feature to the game, the Deployable Cover serves the same purpose for "Maletal" as a wall-build does in Fortnite, allowing for strict cover from fire and a mountable head-glitch to shoot from behind.

The user slaps down the Deployable Cover going into every gunfight possible, which protects him from incoming bullets like a Port-A-Fort.

Players Rage At New Fortnite-Meta In Warzone

Although the TikTok user made a real impact on his gameplay with the mechanic, the bereaved enemies were less than happy. "What the f**k, is this Fortnite?" screamed one dead player through the deathcam, while another was dumbfounded at the skill, saying, "No way he did that."


Another player just simply screamed. Fans also pointed out that shooting the cover also gives enemies hitmarkers, as if they are causing damage.

The newly-dubbed Warnite meta could quickly catch on with fellow gamers, serving as a savvy way to deal with resurgence demons before the sequel comes out. Don't pretend you won't be tempted to try and score the dub this way when you next jump into Caldera. 

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