Call Of Duty: Online Is Shutting Down

Call Of Duty: Online Is Shutting Down

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Jack Marsh


1st Jun 2021 12:02

Arguably the best Call of Duty ever made is being shut down. 

Call of Duty: Online is a Chinese-exclusive title made by Activision Shanghai, Raven Software, and Tencent Gaming, featuring the best elements of the franchise's history mashed into a beautifully zesty CoD smoothie.

After launching in 2015, the stand-alone title had become rather popular on the Chinese market. The typical multiplayer experience is enhanced by classic maps and weapons from the larger franchise's highlight reels, and complemented by a cooperative survival mode, a single-player campaign featuring John Price, John "Soap" MacTavish and Simon "Ghost" Riley, a single-player "Hero Ops" mode, and a zombies spin-off labelled as "Cyborg Rising".

Such as Call of Duty: Mobile's success, the mash-up of everything tasty in Call of Duty has been successful in China, although it's about to come to an abrupt end.

Tencent Announce Call of Duty: Online is to be shut down

As of August 31, 2021, Tencent has now revealed that the Call of Duty: Online servers will be permanently shut down. 

The announcement reads: "As the agency contract is about to expire, "Call of Duty Online " will officially cease operations on August 31 at 12:00.

"Before the game server is shut down, the soldiers can continue to play the game, participate in activities that are still in progress, and use the remaining tokens and props; after the game server is shut down, all account data and character information in the game will be cleared."

All players will also be offered the option to have their in-game currency allowance (remaining and used) to be put towards other Tencent titles, as per a compensation activity.

Why Is Call of Duty: Online Being Shut Down?

The game is being axed as a bid to push players towards Call of Duty: Mobile, with the app's popularity soaring in the region. The developers faced many legal issues with the Chinese government within the making of a console game in the region, possibly influencing their decision.

Luckily for the Call of Duty: Mobile fans, this may be a move that will see many of the additional features filter their way over to the app, alongside a new player base.


Image via Activision

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