Call of Duty just got much easier for mouse and keyboard players

Call of Duty just got much easier for mouse and keyboard players
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Jack Marsh


7th Feb 2024 18:21

Given that aim assist is so high in recent Call of Duty games such as Modern Warfare 3, Mouse and Keyboard inputs have been left well behind.

But this is all about to change in Modern Warfare 3 as Sledgehammer Games is reverting yet another gameplay feature that has been implemented into the series in recent years.

As of Season 2, Sledgehammer Games has rolled out a huge update for Mouse and Keyboard inputs in Modern Warfare 3, making aiming much, much easier for players on PC.

Sledgehammer Games fixes hipfire sway for Mouse and Keyboard in MW3

Mouse and Keyboard players over the years might have noticed a weird shift in how the input works and aims, with there being too much sway, both when ADS and when hip firing.

Sledgehammer Games has now rolled out an update which has stopped what is called "hipfire crosshair sway", where MnK players' crosshair shifts around a dead zone in the centre of the screen, which makes aiming much harder without the help of aim assist.

In Season 2, players will now no longer have their crosshairs moving around the screen, and will instead stay much more central, making snapping onto a target much easier.

Sledgehammer Games fixes 'idle sway' in Modern Warfare 3

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The second major change in MW3 will see "ADS idle sway" be altered in players' favour, which, again, will see Mouse and Keyboard users be the main beneficiaries, although this one also helps controller players somewhat.

This feature previously saw the centre of a weapon sway in a figure of eight (roughly), meaning your aim is not always true and would fluctuate by a few pixels each time you ADS, even if you're stood perfectly still and your hip-fire crosshair hasn't moved. For MnK players this was significant, given that aim assist doesn't help their snaps.

Now though, the sway has become repetitive and will allow you to aim in on the same spot time and time again. 

This margin can also be beneficial for controller users, which will create a more consistent aiming pattern.

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There is a small snag though, as these changes will not come into play for Snipers, as all of the weapons in this gun category will stay as they were.

These changes are also universal with Warzone, meaning players in the battle royale game mode will reap the same rewards.

Jack is an Esports Journalist at GGRecon. Graduating from the University of Chester, with a BA Honours degree in Journalism, Jack is an avid esports enthusiast and specialises in Rocket League, Call of Duty, VALORANT, and trending gaming news.

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