Call of Duty is protecting Merlin the dog at all costs

Call of Duty is protecting Merlin the dog at all costs
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Jack Marsh


2nd Aug 2023 16:05

Although some claim Ghosts is the worst game in the Call of Duty franchise, it's one shining light was Riley. You might remember the four-legged friend who assisted in the campaigns and could also be called in as a multiplayer killstreak.

Riley was so loved, that even if he was charging at you by an enemy's request, the unwritten rule was that you cannot maim the woofer. Now, there's a new padded pal that is being protected at all costs.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 is bringing Merlin into the game, a gorgeous companion that will accompany multiplayer, DMZ, and Warzone players and pack quite a gnarly bite.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 adds Tactical Pets

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Merlin is a dark-brown dog and will be the first Tactical pet added to the game, where they will serve as a tactical companion who will join in on finishing moves.

The pup won't actually be a weapon to use in Modern Warfare 2, but once you have Merlin equipped as a Finishing Move, he will come swooping in off your back and perform a brutal takedown.

He will also be dressed to the K-nines in an outfit either inspired by the normal Battle Pass or that of the BlackCell edition. In the Call of Duty Blog, the developers also confirmed Merlin won't be the last furline friend either, with more presumably coming in bundles or the Season 6 rewards.

Call of Duty is protecting Merlin at all costs


Following on from the peace pact made for Riley, Call of Duty has now confirmed that Merlin "cannot be harmed in any way." This means that he cannot be shot or killed in any game mode, even when performing a finishing move.

Season 5 will also add "Gwen," a virtual assistant who might also serve you if you prefer tech over fluff, although she will be less damaging and better as a recon. The companions will both be available through the Battle Pass.

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