Call of Duty fans slam pay-to-win DMZ Sinister Operator skin

Call of Duty fans slam pay-to-win DMZ Sinister Operator skin
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Alex Garton


1st May 2023 10:22

Cosmetics have become an important aspect of MW2 and Warzone 2, with the community always wanting to look their best while dominating their opponents.

Despite this, frustrations began to grow when Activision rolled out Operator skins and blueprints that are considered 'pay-to-win' and provide advantages to those who are willing to spend CoD points.

Well, that's exactly what's happened with the new Sinister Operator cosmetic that offers a bonus effect in DMZ for anyone with the skin equipped.

DMZ players call out 'greedy' Sinister Operator skin

DMZ players have voiced their anger with the new Sinister Operator skin that offers a Self Revive Kit bonus effect. Taking to the CODWarzone Reddit, user Ruby-likes-roses posted a picture of the bundle and sparked a heated discussion over the new cosmetic.

"This will be the new norm now... Honestly, it's shocking it took them this long given how greedy they are," said one angry user, with another even encouraging players to "just move away from this game already."

It's clear the community are losing patience with Activision and the way it's running DMZ, as they're worried that skins like this will push new players away from trying the mode.

However, some believe this "isn't as big a deal as people are making it out to be" because "finding a self-revive is not really that difficult in DMZ." Despite this, these players are certainly in the minority, and the argument to counter this is that it sets a "bad precedent" for future cosmetics.

How much does new Sinister Operator cost in Call of Duty?

Sinister Operator skin Call of Duty
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Courtesy of Activision

The Sinister Operator skin comes as part of the Dark Rituals bundle, which costs 2,400 CoD Points in the store.

It also comes with TAQ-56 and VEL-46 blueprints that offer a 15-minute insured weapon cooldown as a bonus effect.

Following the backlash, it'll be interesting to see if Activision continues to release these pay-to-win' bundles and whether they begin to creep into the standard WZ2 and MW2 modes.

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