Call of Duty confirm Kar98k is coming back in Season 4

Call of Duty confirm Kar98k is coming back in Season 4
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17th May 2024 16:55

When you think of dominant long-range rifles in Warzone's history, there's one that stands out from the crowd. We're obviously talking about the lethal Kar98k, a gun that completely took over Verdansk and was capable of one-shotting enemies with ease from a distance.

Since disappearing from BR and multiplayer, there has never been a replacement Sniper or Marksman Rifle that matched the power of the Kar98k. As a result, the community has always wanted it to return. Well, their prayers may finally have been answered, as Call of Duty has confirmed its arrival in Season 4.

Iconic KAR98k is coming back to MW3 and Warzone

It's not very often that Call of Duty reveals the return of a weapon this early, but that appears to be the case this time with the KAR98k.

Taking to Twitter on May 16, user ItsMeBoaty decided to straight up ask the devs whether they could "bring back the Kar98k" to MW3 and Warzone. CoD kept it simple with the reply, simply saying "K" and moving on, confirming that the fan-favourite rifle would be coming back.

While excitement is at an all-time high after this news, the community has one concern: Call of Duty will have to get it right if they want the return of the Kar to go smoothly.

CoD fans hope devs make KAR98k strong at release

Operator holding Kar98k
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Taking to the ModernWarfareIII subreddit, users have made clear that the Kar98k needs to be powerful when it gets re-added to the arsenal. It will be nothing short of a massive disappointment if such an iconic weapon arrives underpowered and unusable in the meta.

"It has to be good otherwise no one will be happy, it can't be anything like the Vanguard Kar98, it doesn't need to be 350ms to ADS but like 450ms ADS with around 100meters of one-shot range and I think people will be happy," said one user, with another claiming, "I hope it’s the MW2019 version and not the Vanguard version."

We'll have to see which version of the Kar arrives in Season 4, but it's clear the community wants a return to Verdansk, not the WW2 era.

Alex Garton
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