Blizzard Is Hiring For Its First 'Fallout-Style' RPG

Blizzard Is Hiring For Its First 'Fallout-Style' RPG
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Tom Chapman


15th Oct 2021 15:45

Despite recent controversies of a horrific working culture, Blizzard is one of the biggest gaming developers out there. With everything from Overwatch to World of WarcraftDiablo to StarCraft on its mantle, the company still has the power to command big audiences whenever it announces something new. 

While we wait for an update on the long-awaited Overwatch 2 release date, it sounds like Blizzard is busy tinkering away in its gaming workshop and planning an open-world RPG. Seemingly wanting a slice of Bethesda's pie, Blizzard could be working on its own version of the Fallout franchise.

What is Blizzard looking for?

As spotted by Exputer, Blizzard is currently looking for an Associate Content Designer for a mystery project. Although there's no official word on what this upcoming title is, the description asks for someone that has experience with "new events and open-world content", while also having an "understanding of RPG reward mechanics."

Before we head into speculation territory, the ideal candidate will also have "previous design experience for online/multiplayer games" or "experience working on an FPS game." Tinfoil gamers have pointed out this could have something to do with the expanding WoW world, however, critics say the mention of first-person shooter combined with open-world conjure up ideas of a Fallout aesthetic. 

Let's speculate about Blizzard's new hire

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Remember that Blizzard has already dipped its toe into FPS with Overwatch, and while the hire could be related to Overwatch 2 - given promises it will be a completely different game - we're guessing it's for something new. Blizzard still has some serious damage control to do, so announcing a new IP could divert some of that unwanted attention away from internal struggles. 

Earlier this year, Blizzard was putting the feelers out for an announced AAA game that would be FPS-heavy and needed someone with experience creating "epic, memorable worlds". Could this be the same project? Of course, Blizzard has a lot on its plate right now in terms of games. There's the recent release of Diablo 2: Resurrected as a remaster of 2000's beloved game. There's also the mobile Diablo Immortal and the snail's pace of Diablo IV's development.

With complaints BlizzConline was a disappointing affair, gamers are asking for much more. Whether Blizzard is working on a new franchise or not, don't expect this hire to be for anything we'll see next year. Still, the idea of a Fallout-esque Blizzard game could be a real money-spinner for the developer. 


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