Black Ops Zombies teased within new Warzone screenshot

Black Ops Zombies teased within new Warzone screenshot

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25th Sep 2020 10:26

With Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War poised to be one of 2020's biggest games, is it any wonder players are "hungry" for information on the highly anticipated return of Zombies? Ahead of Cold War's official reveal, the Warzone Verdansk map became a hotbed of activity to tease what Treyarch and Raven Software have been working on with this historical shooter. Despite Infinity Ward handing over the reins for Cold War, all the developers will be working together to unite two eras of the CoD franchise.

There have been whispers of Black Ops Zombies Easter eggs hiding in Warzone, and if the latest is anything to go by, we're going to be having nightmares for weeks. According to @ModernWarzone, a recent blog from Activison accidentally/purposefully revealed the Primis version of Nikolai Belinski. Looking a little closer, the shot comes from the subway breakdown that was showcased on September 24.

For those up on their CoD history, they'll know Primis Belinski appeared in Black Ops 2, Black Ops 3, and Black Ops 4. Considering Black Ops 4 rounded off the Zombies arc was criticised for being a lacklustre ending, there are a lot of players hoping Cold War can redeem THAT big ending. Given that we've already been able to meet Cold War hero Frank Woods inside Warzone, Belinski is a logical next step.

When it comes to Warzone, could the tease of Belinski also be setting up something much bigger for Infinity Ward's battle royale bloodbath? Others think Belinski's arrival could be setting up a Halloween-themed event inside Warzone, and cue up the release of Black Ops Cold War. Posting on Reddit, u/xShadowZ199 claims to have unearthed over 30 voice lines that hint at a Black Ops Zombies-inspired addition to Warzone

The idea is that instead of spawning in the depths of Gulag when you're killed in Warzone, you'd return to the map and hunt down live players as a reanimated zombie. It would be a unique spin on the classic World at War mechanic that first introduced zombies to Call of Duty, would surely see Warzone's player numbers swell, and give Cold War even more momentum ahead of its November release.

The first Warzone Season 6 trailer showed how subways will be the fastest way to get around, and considering we're going underneath Verdansk, it's not too hard to imagine ravenous hordes of the undead lurking in the shadows.

Infinity Ward has sent content creators another round of mysterious boxes, with references to "waves of attack", which also harks back to the old World at War days. Ultimately, we're left scrambling for clues (and brains) for now. However, with Halloween edging closer and something going on in the bowels of Warzone, it looks like there's definitely more to this Black Ops Zombies tease.


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