Black Ops 6's 'omnimovement' has already won over fans

Black Ops 6's 'omnimovement' has already won over fans
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11th Jun 2024 09:05

Year upon year, Call of Duty fans go through the emotional wringer as to whether the new game will be A) better than the current title and B) worth the cash again. 

2024 is no different, as Black Ops 6's reveal had players eagerly anticipating whether or not the next game can truly improve on what can only be described as two years of steadying the sinking ship.

Well, it looks like Call of Duty fans have gotten what they asked for, as Black Ops 6's new omnimovement system has players giddy. 

Black Ops 6 shows off new omnimovement system


Improving the movement system is always a tough balancing act for Call of Duty, but during the Black Ops 6 reveal, Treyarch confirmed that the rumoured Max Payne-inspired omnidirectional movement will be used - or "omnimovement" as it has been branded.

This system allows players to sprint, slide, and dolphin dive in any direction much quicker than ever before.

Combined with other new features like corner slicing, this will see Black Ops 6's movement become head and shoulders above anything that the series has done before - if it works. Still, it's whetting appetites quite nicely.

Black Ops 6 fans giddy over omnimovement feature

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The movement mechanic now goes down in the record books as one of the most-liked tweets in CoD history. CharlieIntel's post has surpassed 15 million views and 185,000 likes, leaving fans beyond excited.

"Treyarch is the best studio of all time and black ops 6 is already the greatest CoD in CoD history," one very eager fan said.

Others are enjoying what appears to be a definitive way of opening the "skill gap", which has been absent from CoD since the jetpack era.

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"The skill gap in this game is gonna be INSANE! I’m here for it," a second fan added. "I’m falling for the cod trap this year it's inevitable," added another.

It remains to be seen whether Omnimovement will actually work, though. Treyarch's bold move to opt for something so controversial is remarkable when every other element of the game also seems to bang. But as the saying goes: high risk, high reward.

Jack Marsh
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