Beyond Good and Evil remaster is a lesson on how not to release a game

Beyond Good and Evil remaster is a lesson on how not to release a game
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30th Nov 2023 22:17

This has been a big week for a fan favourite Ubisoft title as a version of the Beyond Good and Evil remaster was accidentally released, then removed, and finally released again.

Fans of the game have had a lot to say about the blunder.

The Beyond Good and Evil remaster release did not go to plan

In celebration of the 20th birthday of Beyond Good and Evil, a 20th anniversary edition remaster of the game is being released.

While this is exciting news for fans of the game, it was not handled especially well.

News of a Beyond Good and Evil anniversary edition has been circulating as Xbox achievements and a now removed store listing have popped up.

The surprise was officially ruined however, when some Ubisoft+ subscribers were able to download and play a version of the game.

The Beyond Good and Evil Twitter account wrote: “Well, looks like the cat’s out of the bag, dagnammit. Happy 20th anniversary to Beyond Good & Evil! While we cannot wait to show you more about this special edition, more news to come in early 2024!

“An early development version of Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition was recently released to some Ubisoft+ subscribers by mistake. We apologise for any confusion and want to assure our community that this version is not indicative of the final game.

“As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Beyond Good & Evil, our commitment to delivering a game that meets the high expectations of our fans is unwavering.

“We're excited to announce that the official launch is set for early 2024, and we're dedicated to making it an experience that truly honours the legacy of the original. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.”

Players have been joking about why the game was not ready for release

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Naturally, people have not reacted especially well to the game being released in this way, with many taking the opportunity to make fun of Ubisoft for the surprise release.

“That's actually hilarious. How does a company like that make this kind of blunder?” asked one player.

Another said: “They are probably trying to suppress it and say its not the final version because they didn't put the microtransactions in yet.”

Many fans took the opportunity to question when Beyond Good and Evil 2 would be released, a game which was first announced in 2008 and currently holds the title of the longest development of a AAA video game.

“Is the second game still happening?” one player asked on Twitter. “I was 18 years old when it was revealed and now I'm 33.”

Another user on Reddit said: “Remember the sequel that they released as a tech demo and then it was never heard from again?”

“The fact that they're tweeting this while their account is still named BG&E2 is absolutely perfect. Never change, Beyond Good and Evil IP holders, never change. We stan a zombie masterpiece,” another added.

Despite this, it is clear that fans are excited for the release, with many reminiscing about their experiences playing the original game and expressing their hopes for the upcoming remaster.

“Great game. I forgot all about this one til now,” said one.

Another added: “The characters in the game makes it still worthwhile to play right now, if not for anything else. I still love it. Taking pictures of all the hidden animals is something i wish more games did.”

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