Beyond Good And Evil 2 Just Broke An Unfortunate AAA Record

Beyond Good And Evil 2 Just Broke An Unfortunate AAA Record
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Joseph Kime


4th Oct 2022 12:30

Oh, yeah, that's still happening, isn't it? We haven't heard anything from Beyond Good & Evil 2 in some time. The first game in the series was a cult hit, and fans fell for it so hard that they were calling for a sequel practically as soon as the credits rolled on it.

There are a lot of hopes buried in the game that was revealed with a trailer back in 2017, but going back even further, Beyond Good & Evil 2 was actually teased as long as 14 years ago. It's baffling that we haven't seen anything from it since its E3 debut. So, where on Earth is it? And why is it beating Duke Nukem Forever for perhaps the saddest video game record going?

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Breaks Record For Development Time

It has been revealed that the development time of Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been going on for so long, it has practically broken the world record for having the longest time in development hell. Yikes.

The stat was first pointed out by GamesIndustry.Biz's Managing Editor Brendan Sinclair, who reminds us how the development time for Duke Nukem Forever lasted for 5,156 days. Beyond Good & Evil's development has now lasted 5,234 days. Again, yikes.

It's a pretty bleak reminder of the many setbacks the once-promising game has suffered, and it's a sad implication that the title might not turn out the way we want it to. Not that we needed reminding, but according to one leaker, that seems to be the case.


Leaker Suggests Tests For Beyond Good & Evil 2 Are Poor

Industry insider Tom Henderson claimed back in July that closed testing had begun on Beyond Good & Evil 2. Henderson suggested that the game was in something of a crisis in 2021, which had been ongoing since the departure of Michael Ancel from the project in 2020.

We don't exactly know where Beyond Good & Evil 2 is right now, but one thing's for sure - it has been one hell of a bumpy ride. Even though we're just going to have to wait to see how it turns out, it might be best not to expect the masterpiece we were hoping for. Sorry.

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