Battlefield Boss Wants Call Of Duty To Become An Xbox Exclusive

Battlefield Boss Wants Call Of Duty To Become An Xbox Exclusive
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Jack Marsh


20th Sep 2022 13:02

When one door closes, another one opens, and for EA and Battlefield, they're hoping the gate between Call of Duty and PlayStation is slammed shut.

Call of Duty's relationship with Sony and Playstation is hanging by a thread amid the Microsoft acquisition of Activision. Despite claiming that the FPS shooter will 'stay on PlayStation', Sony has since rinsed Xbox for its inadequate offers of only retaining CoD for three years.

Although authorities are looking to block the exclusivity, Electronic Arts is now hoping that Xbox continue to hold their acquire game hostage, so that it can capitalise on the PlayStation market.

Battlefield Devs Want Call of Duty To Go Xbox Exclusive

Battlefield 2042 might not have lit up the headlines in the ways that it promised, yet there does seem to be more to offer from the realism shooter franchise. Apparently, a whole new era of Battlefield could come if Call of Duty vacated PlayStation.

"In a world where there may be questions over the future of Call of Duty and what platforms that might be on or might not be on, being platform agnostic and completely cross-platform with Battlefield, I think is a tremendous opportunity," said Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts (via Seeking Alpha).

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The exclusivity of Call of Duty could also promote EA's Apex Legends, should Warzone 2 also work its way over to Xbox in the future, opening more avenues for Wilson and his team.


Battlefield Developers Looking To Capitalise On Call of Duty 

Speaking at the recent Goldman Sachs event, Wilson admitted that the last two iterations of Battlefield haven't been delivered in the way that they should have, but its "extraordinary IP" is built on resiliency and will be back stronger.

"I think we have an extraordinary creative team involved in Battlefield now who have unbelievable ambitions to own the first puts and shoot space, particularly as it feels to creation," added Wilson, stoking hope into Battlefield fans' dwindling fires. With Call of Duty monopolising the FPS shooter genre on console this year, following Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite's catastrophic launches, the competitors could do with any hand-outs from Microsoft.

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