Bandai Namco's Blue Protocol has taken Japan by storm

Bandai Namco's Blue Protocol has taken Japan by storm
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23rd Jun 2023 13:54

We love anime and we love multiplayer games, so fuse them together, and you should have a chart-topping success. While we've seen miHoYo corner this market with Genshin Impact, wannabe rivals are sprouting like wildflowers. Among the biggest is Bandai Namco's Blue Protocol

Although those in the West are disappointed that Blue Protocol has been delayed until 2024, its launch in Japan boasts some impressive credentials. Ahead of its release under Amazon Games for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, let's see how it's doing.

Blue Protocol has had a massive launch in Japan

Blue Protocol Key Art Bandai Namco
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Despite only launching on PC on June 14, Bandai Namco is sitting pretty with over 600,000 Blue Protocol players in just a matter of days. According to the developer, the concurrent player record has already surpassed 200,000.

Most impressively, Blue Protocol has hit these milestones faster than any other game in Bandai Namco Online's history in the PC online service market for Japan. As a reward, the Blue Protocol site confirms there are a series of exclusive items up for grabs if you log in before June 28. 

The numbers are suitably massive, and Blue Protocol is so anticipated, some think that those in the West even used VPNs to jump into the action early.

When is Blue Protocol coming to the West?

Blue Protocol Field Fighting
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Blue Protocol has an impressive action-based combat system that appeals to both newcomers and MMORPG veterans. Your class is definite by your chosen weapons, meaning you can take on various challenges without having to switch characters.

There are five classes, with each boasting its own skills, elemental effects, and damage multipliers. You can also summon Echoes, which are mythical creatures that come from the planet's power and can help support your hero in battle. If you're sold, you might have a bit of a wait on your hands. 

Although those in the West won't be able to fully experience Blue Protocol until 2024, closed beta tests are kicking off later this year. Bandai Namco has asked you to stay tuned for more information soon.

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