Fans have branded it as the worst Warzone meta yet.

16:57, 30 Mar 2021

When it comes to the ever-changing Call of Duty: Warzone gun metas, there have been some unbearably stale combinations over the past year. With many weapons rising from the depths of the tier list to somehow conquer Verdansk in the most brutal way, not all have been welcome to stay.

For Warzone fanatics in the current day, the AUG three-round burst Tactical Rifle from Black Ops Cold War and FFAR fast-paced Assault Rifle have been dominating games. After being rife for nearly six weeks now due to the lack of updates since Season 2 went live, it appears that many fans now want them nerfed with the meta becoming tiresome and tedious. 

Taking to Reddit, one fan has branded the combination as "arguably the worst meta this game has ever seen" before adding "the two guns cannot be beaten at the range that most fights take place at (200m ish and below) and the only option to beating them is to run those guns."

The thread has since gone viral and has been heavily backed, further commenting that the meta is "so unhealthy for the game and is currently actively discouraging players from playing Warzone."

The game is beyond stale right now from r/CODWarzone

Whilst comments have downsized the severity, backing the AUG and FFAR meta to be less of a problem than DMRZone was, the general consensus is that the combo has run its course and now needs mixing up again. Much like the infamous Grau from the first months of Warzone, most players are in agreement that the AUG needs outing in favour of something fresh.


Treyarch rolled out a range of weapon balances to the multiplayer experience, including buffs to both the Krig 6 and Groza Assault Rifles that could both be welcome menaces on Warzone with similar tuning, adding a much more balanced experience. Alongside the ARs, the Milano Submachine Gun could also be the new kid on the block, should Raven follow suit with the tunings.

Either way, according to fans, the AUG and FFAR need to be nuked, alongside Verdansk itself.



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