These rookies are easily overlooked.

18:30, 08 Nov 2020

With ESEA and FACEIT, it’s hard to ignore the overlooked talents in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). From North America to Europe, these competitive platforms hold some of the best. Most players are still in high school while others have a full time career outside of esports. Either way, that stuff gets pushed to the side when competing.

The North American pattern in top tier CS:GO has fallen off - a lot of teams that compete in the highest-earning tournaments just don’t have the right rosters. Because of this, they should scout players in MDL or even advanced divisions rather than funding underachieving players.    


Starting off with the newest member of the New England Whalers is Brendan “Bwills” Williams. At the age of nineteen, Bwills has already helped his team dominate the Mountain Dew League in ESEA. Within the past three months, he’s maintained a 1.16 player rating and has built up a reputation as a steady fragger. Before joining the Whalers he won a majority of his tournaments alongside Levitate Esports and PVO. Back in July, he placed first at Golden League Season 7 beating out teams like RBG and Revenant. This year alone, he has multiple second-place finishes including ESEA and Mythic cash cups. Bwills is definitely a rifler to be on the lookout for. 

Next is Team oNe’s very own Matheus “prt” Scuvero. Starting his career in 2016, prt only became a talking point in late 2018. Fast track to 2020, and he’s now playing for one of the best MDL teams and has earned his spot as a team lurker. Since joining Team oNe, prt has put up consistent numbers resulting in a 1.07 player rating. At IEM New York he helped Team oNe place fourth earning five grand and two thousand RMR points. He’s capable of outperforming others with both an AWP or rifle making him a double threat in CS:GO. If he continues to perform like this, Brazilian teams such as FURIA and MiBR should add him as a sub player.

At the age of eighteen, with two years of competitive experience, is Justin “FaNg” Coakley. He’s been playing with Rugratz for a month now and has already settled. The young talent has a 1.12 player rating and almost ten grand in earnings. Within two months he earned almost ninety percent of his lifetime earnings before joining Rugratz. Known to play well under pressure, FaNg has made large highlights including a 1v4 with the mac-10. So far, 2020 has been his breakout year while terminating experienced players in his path. With a seventy percent contribution rate, FaNg is clearly going all out for the ESEA Mountain Dew League. With a couple of training sessions this is a player that could make it to A-Tier CS:GO by next year. 

Now for a player who’s helped Yeah Gaming go 16-0 in the ESEA Mountain Dew League. He goes by the name Eduardo “dumau” Wolkmer. At the age of just sixteen, this Brazilian rookie has matched the success of high-level C-Tier players. He also has the highest player rating on his team which is 1.12. This year alone, dumau has multiple first-place finishes earning almost ten thousand dollars. At the Rush B FPL Cash Cup, he top fragged in the finals with a total of forty-five kills. He earned four out of five highlights including the most first kills, damage, assists, and the highest player rating at 1.56.



Another legendary player for the New England Whalers is Josh “PwnAlone” Pigues. Known for his lurking skills and huge plays, PwnAlone is every team’s dream lurker. He’s capable of picking up most frags from pistol rounds to a full buy. Always expect him to make the first move, just know he’s fast. With a 1.13 player rating, PwnAlone is dedicated to the North American scene. Before playing with the Whalers, he was even a part of where he participated on LAN. After years of C/B-Tier gameplay, PwnAlone has had the opportunity to compete against Team Liquid. At IEM New York his team defeated FURIA and earned the most points on map 2. It’s safe to say that PwnAlone is one of the deadliest entry fraggers in North America. 


The Mountain Dew League is a great series to watch as either a fan or team scout. These matches hold some great plays and aggressive rosters. It’s nothing like watching S-Tier CS:GO because of the risks that these new players take. Most entry smokes offer a good insight into team bonding and how C-Tier players run their games. A lot of North American teams are taking over these divisions, which is always nice to see. These cash cups are extremely entertaining but most importantly they broadcast underrated players. From MDL to Advanced, ESEA has a load of prospects that should be the centre of player transfers.   


Images via ESEA

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