All Pikmin types ranked from least to most useful

All Pikmin types ranked from least to most useful
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PIKMIN! Aren’t they delightful? Aren’t they colourful? Don’t you just love the way they take on monsters and haul ten times their weight in objects to your ship? I know I do. But it seems some of them pull their weight more than others – so we’re ranking the Pikmin from least to most useful in the games.

Whether you’re throwing them at a Bulborb or riding with them on Oatchi in Pikmin 4, the vast rainbow of Pikmin is always dependable, so don’t think we’re being mean to the ones at the bottom of this list.

All Pikmin types ranked

White Pikmin

The White Pikmin
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While their immunity to poison is certainly helpful in sticky (sometimes literally) situations, the White Pikmin’s smaller stature makes them significantly weaker than every one of their companions. They can chip away at an enemy's health, but they're better off wading through webbed and poisoned areas and clearing the way.

Rock Pikmin

The Rock Pikmin
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Rock Pikmin are more of a utility Pikmin that do well when there’s a need to bash through a particularly tricky barrier. When it comes to combat, sure they can throw themselves at large enemies, but they don’t cling on like the rest of them. Instead, they bounce off and will try to go back for more. Say what you will about them, they're resilient and always up for a scrap.

Blue Pikmin

The Blue Pikmin
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Of the original Pikmin, Blue are probably the least iconic. I’m sorry, it’s true. While it’s always good to have a Pikmin who can swim in your team, that’s about all they have to offer outside of your standard combat encounters. Nevertheless, their role as one of the original three keeps them in our hearts.

Red Pikmin

The Red Pikmin
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One of the original three Pikmin, and probably the one you’ll see the most. The Red Pikmin is middle of the road here, as they can perform your typical tasks with the bonus of being immune to fire.

What pops them above the Blue Pikmin is simply down to aesthetics and series iconography. Perhaps that’s a vapid decision, and one certainly shouldn’t judge a Pikmin by its cover, but it's a decision I'm sticking with.

Yellow Pikmin

The Yellow Pikmin
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Yellow Pikmin are highly underrated with their elvish ears and penchant for electric environs. What makes the Yellow Pikmin all the more substantial is that they can fly higher than most, reaching those tricky shelves that seem just a little too tall. As you choose your pack (murder? gaggle? flock?) of Pikmin, you should always make room for some Yellow Pikmin to get you out of a jam.

Ice Pikmin

The Ice Pikmin
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A new addition to Pikmin 4, the Ice Pikmin is a variant of many talents. Not only can they freeze enemies during a fight, but they can also freeze entire bodies of water so you and the rest of your motely Pikmin Parade can cross over safely. While it means they get frozen in place, they can always be recalled to thaw the tensions.

Purple Pikmin

The Purple Pikmin
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These hefty lads are the pinnacle of Pikmin design. So rotund. So strong. With the strength of ten Pikmin, they can carry pretty much any object you come across at a fraction of the number of your total Pikmin. This is the peak Pikmin form. This is what I strive to be when I go to the gym.

Winged Pikmin

The Winged Pikmin
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When it comes to getting oversized pastries and musical instruments back to your humble ship, none compare to the speed and tenacity of the winged Pikmin. What they lack in battle prowess they make up for in map traversal and will cross air and sea to get there with their little wings working overtime.

What is the best Pikmin type?

Glow Pikmin

The Glow Pikmin, the best Pikmin type
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The Glow Pikmin are the last new addition to Pikmin 4, and while typically constrained to the game’s new nighttime missions, they’re incredibly overpowered and can take on any enemy that may come your way. As you find Glow Seeds around the map, you can sprout more and more of them. So those Smokey Proggs and Groovy Long Legs won’t stand a chance.

And that’s it, every Pikmin ranked from least to most helpful. While the Pikmin at the lower end of the list may seem like they’re not very useful, there’s always a place for them in our team and our hearts.

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