Age Of Empires 4 Xbox Version Could Be In The Works

Age Of Empires 4 Xbox Version Could Be In The Works
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Tarran Stockton


4th Nov 2021 11:30

The battle lines have been drawn, as Age of Empires 4 has gathered its forces and headed out into the trenches. If you loved playing Age of Empires 4 on PC, you'll be pleased to know an Xbox version of the RTS title could be on the way in the future - but don’t expect it just yet.

What Has Been Said About An Age Of Empires 4 Xbox Version?

Age of Empires 4 released recently for the PC, and with a version on the Xbox Game Pass too, the next logical step is Microsoft’s new-gen consoles in the form of the Xbox Series X|S. In an interview with, World’s Edge creative director Adam Isgreen commented on the future of the title, stating, "As soon as we finish managing the game’s PC release, we’ll start thinking about how to make the game run on consoles.

Although it sounds like great news, don't expect the Age of Empire 4 Xbox version anytime soon. Isgreen added, "We don’t have any final plans yet, but now we’re really going to start thinking about it." 

It’s nice to know the team is considering it, as such a release would bring a whole new audience and generation to the Age of Empires experience. Consoles aren’t traditionally compatible with RTS games because these experiences favour a mouse and often more macro buttons that a keyboard can bring, but games like Halo Wars 2 for the Xbox One has shown it’s feasible. 

What Else Is On The Horizon For Age Of Empires 4

The game has released to favourable reviews so far (check out our own Age of Empires 4 review here) with critics highlighting the improved graphics, refined gameplay, and in-game documentaries that showcase the real history behind the events of the game. 

In the same interview with, Isgreen and fellow Director Quinn Duff talked a little on the game’s future beyond a console port. They confirmed they would like to carry on working on the title and supporting it, with seasonal content starting next Spring. They also expressed their desire to develop expansions, which they want to bring back the documentaries for.

While the AoE team continues to perfect and balance the gameplay for multiplayer, they hope the competitive reception for the title is enough to translate into esports. Duff even elaborated by explaining, "The same team will take care of listening to the fanbase in order to understand the priorities of all that will be the future support for Age of Empires IV. We want to continue building on this platform for a long time…. This is only the beginning of the AoE4 project."

Age of Empires 4 is currently available on the Microsoft Store and Steam storefronts for PC, and can be found on the Xbox Game Pass.