After 500 Hours, Gamers Are Still Learning New Things About Elden Ring

After 500 Hours, Gamers Are Still Learning New Things About Elden Ring
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Dave McAdam


27th Dec 2022 15:14

You don't have to be an expert to know that Elden Ring is a massive, sprawling, and incredibly deep game. This massive open-world RPG is filled with things to do, items to find, and enemies to defeat.

That said, the gaming community has a long track record of taking on these huge games and discovering every little detail about them in record time. Many developers have put secrets in their games, convinced they would go unfound for years, only for the fans to uncover everything in a matter of days.

One developer with a better-than-average ability to surprise the fans is Fromsoftware, whose games are known for their tiny details and hidden depth. So much so, that nearly a year after its release, players are still discovering things they never knew about Elden Ring.

How To Torment An Octopus Monster

Elden Ring has no shortage of gross and disturbing monsters, anyone who visited Caria Manor and encountered the giant hand creatures can attest to that. One of the more unpleasant beings you will run into earlier in your game is the Giant Land Octopus. There are smaller Land Octopuses, which are less intimidating but by no means any less disgusting.

These creatures are quite commonly found in the wetter parts of The Lands Between, particularly in Limgrave and Liurnia of the Lakes. The giant ones in particular can be very dangerous, their long tentacles making it difficult to get in close. That is, unless you know what Reddit user El_Don_Coyote discovered just recently.

When a Giant Land Octopus attacks you, it does so with its tentacles facing forward. These can be difficult to get past, but as it turns out, the tentacles can be detached. Attack the tentacles with a sharp weapon that does enough damage, and they will come right off. As the Reddit post shows, the Carian Greatsword Ash of War is a great way to take a tentacle off in one fell swoop.

What To Do With A Tentacle-Free Octopus

Without its tentacles, the Giant Land Octopus becomes quite pitiable. It isn't completely nullified as a threat, but it certainly isn't what it was. With the tentacles removed, the octopus will attempt to swipe at you to no avail, flailing around like a toddler throwing a tantrum. This makes it quite easy to move closer and finish the creature off.

There is even more to this feature however, as the octopus is not completely incapacitated forever. After a short while, it will regrow the tentacles and come at you with its full strength. Now, if you can cut off the tentacles once, you can do it again.

Stranger still, it seems that the Giant Land Octopus can even eat its severed tentacles in order to regain health. There truly is no limit to how gross the monsters of Elden Ring can be.

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