Activision’s reportedly suing a well-known Call Of Duty ‘Cheat Website’

Activision’s reportedly suing a well-known Call Of Duty ‘Cheat Website’

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31st Aug 2020 10:56

Activision is finally making steps to clamp down on cheats in Call of Duty: Warzone and is reportedly suing a well-known cheat site for enabling sneaky players to bypass the system. Alongside gripes over glitches within Call of Duty, there's a growing number of cheaters running rife through the map. 

Barely a day goes by that cheats aren't raised as a problem. While Activision has vowed to do something about it, many players are saying it's not enough. The latest move shows that the publisher has had enough of dealing with cheat sites and cheaters in general.

The news was shared on the Warzone reddit and claims Activision is going after is known for its Modern Warfare cheats that enable the likes of aimbot. This isn't the first time Activision has gone after - having previously made YouTube remove a video promoting the site's Modern Warfare lobby tool.

As it stands, is still up and running but doesn't have any Call of Duty cheats available. The site is still selling cheats for Apex Legends and PlayerUnknown's Battleground, however, all support for its CoD cheats have also been removed. This has rattled those who'd already parted with their cash for cheats. One disgruntled cheater wrote, "BO3 menu that I paid $60 for isn't working. I'll better get a refund". 

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Adding to the validity of the claims, apparently issued a response to the legal threat on its own Discord. The site seemed to write, "We apologise for any pain we've caused to players of Call of Duty". The Discord is currently offline.

Ironically, the latest news comes just days after Warzone streamer "MrGolds" was accused of cheating during a live stream. "MrGolds" was accused of having EngineOwning open in the background. Although he denied the claims, some have called for Twitch to ban him.

Cheating in Warzone is still one of the biggest bugbears, becoming so bad, some console players have disabled cross-play so they're not caught in the crossfire of PC cheaters. It's unclear what happens next with the case, but either way, consider those involved warned. 

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