Activision Is Using Fortnite To Combat Call Of Duty Hackers

Activision Is Using Fortnite To Combat Call Of Duty Hackers
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Jack Marsh


6th Oct 2022 15:11

It was the great Albus Dumbledore who professed that help will always be given "to those who ask for it." Granted, the maniacal psychopath/magical genius later recanted the statement to those who "deserve" it, and this was about Hogwarts rather than the real world, but it deems true. 

If you need a little bit of help, speaking is the first step to winning. Activision's main problem in the Call of Duty franchise is cheaters. While the developers balance a range of minor issues from each corner of their vast player base, cheaters are always their biggest threat.

Now, it appears they've taken a helping hand from other battle royale titles as to how to combat hackers and cheaters, specifically Fortnite.

Activision Rolls Out Fornite Anti-Cheat Method To Overwatch 2 

Activision Blizzard's launch of Overwatch 2 has unfortunately been crippled by DDoS attacks, typical of their hacker problems but tragic nonetheless. However, in-game, Overwatch 2 has had a breakthrough in combating cheaters through an Anti-Tamper feature that prevents players from manipulating the game code.

This feature has already been tried and tested in both Fortnite and Apex Legends and specifically targets cheats such as Cronus - a recoil-controlling cheat that has been widely abused in Call of Duty

The software, named Byfron Hyperion has been rolled out in Overwatch 2 and is expected to also come to Modern Warfare 2. "This would be so big if it works as well as Fortnite's does. Would revive comp and SnD scene, which has been the only downfall of switching to PC," one fan commented on Reddit.

More Controversial Anti-Cheat Methods Confirmed For MW2

It's expected that if the Byfron Hyperion anti-tamper software works, it could follow a new pattern for Activision that sees Overwatch 2 serve as an anti-cheat guinea pig for Call of Duty


Recently, the Overwatch 2 community was bamboozled by the need to attach a phone number to their accounts to access the game. Although Blizzard soon stripped away this feature for existing players, the system is in place to prevent hackers and cheaters from making new accounts and has already been confirmed to be coming to Call of Duty's upcoming games too.

Most of these additions bear Warzone in mind, which has become a playground for cheaters in recent years and continues to be a thorn in the side of Activision. Just recently, an ongoing legal battle with cheat providers saw Activision admit to knowing 'high-profile' streamers have these cheats activated. With hope, the Cronus prevention techniques will squander this aim-bot-esque hack and return Call of Duty back to its skill-based beauty.

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