Activision Appoints Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Officer

Activision Appoints Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Officer
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Joseph Kime


12th Apr 2022 15:26

It's safe to say that Activision Blizzard's PR hasn't exactly been squeaky clean.

Since the company's lawsuit that alleges a "frat culture" inside the walls of Activision Blizzard and a litany of sexual assault and harassment claims have been made, the company has been in a public tailspin. Plus, as the publisher has been noted to deploy union-busting tactics to keep staff from rallying up against them, they've made themselves villains of sorts in the industry.

But now, it looks like the company is continuing its attempts to tread back, as they've made some crucial hires.

Activision Blizzard Hires New DE&I Staff

Activision Appoints Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Officer
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Activision Blizzard has now appointed a new staff member to keep an eye on the company's diversity and inclusion, coming in the wake of the claims of widespread workplace bullying and sexual harassment, especially against the company's BAME staff.

Kristen Hines has joined the company as the new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, moving over from similar work at the infotech company Accenture.

"I'm excited to join a company that is prioritizing its commitment to DEI and making progress on the ambitious goals it has set for itself," she said in a press conference. "In an industry with historical underrepresentation, I'm looking forward to leading the company's efforts to further build a workplace that values transparency, equity, and inclusivity."

Activision's New DE&I Officer Will Influence Games Too

Not only is Hines set to make some big changes behind the scenes at Activision Blizzard, but it also looks like her work will be influencing some of the company's games too.

She'll "partner across all gaming teams to ensure diverse and inclusive perspectives are included in game design, including storylines, character development, gameplay and community interaction" too, so it looks like the work of Activision Blizzard is likely to change thanks to this new hire as well.

This is something that Activision Blizzard has sorely needed - and is a welcome addition to the team. Now, all we need is Kotick out, and the company might be able to claw back a reputation. Emphasis on "might".


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