A Rocket League racing game is reportedly in the works

A Rocket League racing game is reportedly in the works
Images: Psyonix

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Joseph Kime


29th May 2023 16:00

You'd think that Epic Games would never have to lift another finger after the consistent successes of Fortnite, but here we are, watching new projects unfurl headed up by the industry giant.

The company oversees the likes of Remedy Games and Mediatonic, both turning out their own fantastic games that could barely be further from Fortnite, and it has been made clear that the company can be a real jack-of-all-trades.

Perhaps the most popular property beyond the obvious battle royale beast is Rocket League, Psyonix's car-footy sim that has truly made a home in competitive communities.

But it looks like there could be more than a mere kickabout in the game's future.

Epic Games is moving production to high-priority projects

According to a new leak of an internal email, it looks like Epic Games is readjusting its priorities - and a new mode for Rocket League is among them.

It has been reported by Jacob Wolf that Epic Games is currently having something of an internal shakeup, choosing to move its developers onto projects that they have total faith in - and not all of them are Fortnite-themed.

Some, of course, pertain to the battle royale - some of the projects listed include the upcoming collaboration with LEGO, its fifth chapter, UEFN and an upcoming Harmonix Festival - but among these is an outlier.

Epic Games is reportedly developing Rocket League Racing

A Rocket League racing game is reportedly in the works
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The final project that Epic Games will be shifting staff to is Rocket League Racing, according to the report corroborated by HYPEX. It's unclear if this is an entirely new game or if this is just a new update to the existing game, but either way, it looks like it's coming.

It's a big addition to the world of Rocket League, and though we don't know much about it, it's clear that Epic has high hopes for it. The game has needed something without such a steep learning curve to help propel it into the stratosphere - and it looks like Epic Games has found it.

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