A Pair Of Death Stranding Sunglasses Will Cost You $400

A Pair Of Death Stranding Sunglasses Will Cost You $400
Jean-François Rey | Kojima Productions

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Joseph Kime


19th May 2022 12:11

It's probably safe to call Death Stranding something of an oddity. The latest creative work of Hideo Kojima stunned many and confused even more when it first released. Still, it's since become a flagship title of the PlayStation with its strange narrative and slow gameplay.

Death Stranding is the work of one of the few video game auteurs, and you can definitely feel it. Even though it might not be for everyone, when it works, it really works. But now, much like the game itself, Death Stranding merchandising is getting weird. And expensive.

How Much Are The Death Stranding Sunglasses?

A Pair Of Death Stranding Sunglasses Will Cost You $400
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Jean-François Rey

A new series of Death Stranding sunglasses and masks have been developed by the French eyewear company Jean-François Rey. As the real deal, they're in collaboration with Hideo Kojima, meaning they're all inspired by the grim aesthetic of Death Stranding.

The most expensive piece of facial kit is the Ludens Mask, and if you're looking to pick up the selectively lasered piece of 3D printing, it's going to set you back a huge $500. It's paired with a bunch of nylon materials and metal parts to make it look truly like something pulled from the world of the post-apocalyptic adventure.

If you fancy yourself as the ultimate Sam Poter Bridges, you could also get the $400 pair of Death Stranding sunglasses. These are designed to look as though they've practically been pulled from the face of Norman Reedus.


How Can I Get The Death Stranding Sunglasses?

If you're set on getting yourself a pair of extortionate Death Stranding sunglasses (props to you), they're available on the Jean-François Rey site right now. Unfortunately, the Ludens mask is set to be released later on in the fourth quarter of 2022. All of the sunglasses do come in at at least $400 though, so you'd better be ready to seriously fork out for them.

It's a bizarre merchandising effort for any video game, but frankly, something this strange was always in Kojima's wheelhouse. If we can predict anything from him, it's unpredictability - and this certainly fits the bill. Now, all we need is for him to announce Death Stranding 2 and we can happily play in our $400 sunglasses.


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