The Wizarding world is reported to be conjuring up an open-world game to be released in 2021.

17:15, 29 Jun 2020

Reports from Bloomberg suggest that an open-world Harry Potter game will be coming to our screens in 2021, with the reveal set for August this year. The game is said to allow you to maraud the halls of Hogwarts, joke around in Weasleys Wizard Wheezes and even disparate to the Burrow where Molly will have the kettle on.

Development had originally been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Avalanche Studios look to have kick-started their development, meaning we could be playing with Floo Powder by as early as 2021.

The game is set to be exclusive to next-gen consoles, including the Xbox Series X and PS5. Despite the concerns of some of the developers regarding JK Rowling’s social and political views, Warner Bros. could formally announce the development alongside the long-teased Batman game at a DC FanDome event in August.

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The Open world game will come as the first Harry Potter RPG, and the first Wizarding world console game since Deathly Hallows Part 2 back in 2011

The specifics of the game are yet to be announced, with the storyline unclear. It could be released as a huge game where you can dive into the films' plots, from years 1-7, or it could portray the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them storylines with Newt Scamander as the protagonists. The latter may be the more viable option considering we have seen Harry Potter games in the past, and nothing on FBAWTFT. Furthermore, it is possible that we may see the Cursed Child storyline played out there, which will feature the Hogwarts Castle as we've never seen before, and contain all of your favourite characters. 

There also remains the possibility that we could see a whole new storyline, such as the Hogwarts Mystery mobile game, although a game of this magnitude would likely contain some of our favourite characters from the films.

Either way, the magical universe is set to be on its way very soon, and we already have our wands at the ready. Accio 2021.

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