A GameCube and Wii emulator is coming to Steam

A GameCube and Wii emulator is coming to Steam
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Joseph Kime


28th Mar 2023 08:36

There isn't much for Nintendo fans to do but emulate and download ROMs, and though we'd never encourage illegally playing games, some might argue the gaming giant has brought it upon itself.

The company has a terrible reputation for keeping classic games alive, only drip-feeding players legal ways to play their iconic library of legacy games with the Nintendo Switch's online service.

Many gamers feel Nintendo doesn't do enough to allow players to legally play the titles that made it the company it is today, and so, they're turning to illegal means. And it turns out that emulating is about to get much, much easier.

Dolphin is coming to Steam in 2023

A GameCube and Wii emulator is coming to Steam
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There are swathes of emulators out there, but few are as notorious as Dolphin - the emulator that is practically the front-runner for prospective emulator players. Initially, Dolphin was only available to download, but now, things are about to get much slicker.

Dolphin Emulator has its own listing on Steam, with it claiming to land in the second quarter of 2023. The emulator has long been hoped to grow more accessible, and it looks like this is its attempt to do so.

"Dolphin Emulator is your one-way ticket to nostalgia if you're looking to relive classics from the big N's cube-shaped and motion controlled consoles," reads the emulator's listing.

"Return to an era of gaming before the advent of microtransactions and experience a diverse library of thousands of titles that were released for these consoles over a span of 15+ years.

Dolphin Emulator allows these classic games to be reborn into the modern era with support for 4K displays, modern controllers, and much, much more. All of this, fully Open Source and free to download." But, this addition to Steam leaves one question on everybody's lips.

Will Dolphin work on the Steam Deck?

We've recently covered how Dolphin is bringing GameCube games to Xbox before they even arrive on Switch, which is a pretty damning look for Nintendo. Now, this could be the next step. 

Many have already praised the Steam Deck for the potential it has for being a true emulating machine, and it seems as though things are about to get even better for players.

The system appearing on Steam implies it will be operable on the Steam Deck, as otherwise, there'd be little reason to get it onto the platform because it's already downloadable on PC. Here's hoping that these indications are true, because if they are, then we're truly in for a treat.

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