A Console Just For Dogs Is On The Way

A Console Just For Dogs Is On The Way
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Joseph Kime


29th Nov 2022 09:43

Though video games have become pretty sophisticated over the years, not everyone gets it, and that's fine.

In terms of the narrative experiences that we've had in gaming, and the friends we've made in multiplayer lobbies, we owe an awful lot to video games and the consoles they call home.

And now, it looks like those experiences could extend outside of the human race. We're not expecting dogs to start beaming noobs in Modern Warfare 2, but you get the point.

The Joipaw Is A Console For Dogs
A Console Just For Dogs Is On The Way
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In a pretty paw-some (sorry) revelation, it looks like man's best friend is about to be introduced to the world of gaming. It comes courtesy of the Joipaw Console, which is from a UK-based startup company called Joipaw.

As reported by Axios, the console is set to feature "a dog-tailored touchscreen, a height-adjustable stand and an automated treat dispenser." It claims to be "the smartest dog tech product to ever hit the market.

The console itself is currently available for reservation at the equivalent of $6, and is available on the Joipaw website. Be warned though, there's no confirmation of what the final price will be. 

It's a pretty bizarre idea, and though it isn't exactly expecting dogs to crank 90s in Fortnite, it's certainly fascinating to see that gaming could actually be coming to our pets.

Why Is There A Dog Console In The First Place?

It's certainly funny in concept, but the reasoning behind the Joipaw Console is actually pretty sound. Co-founder Dersim Avdar wanted to keep his dog, Kawet, busy when nobody was there to keep him company. 

"Our goal is simple: to help every dog on the planet live a longer, healthier and happier life," reads the Joipaw site. "We do this by turning daily physical and mental workouts into a sustainable lifestyle with our console, games and wearable tracker."

It's actually pretty perfect for pet owners who want to keep their dogs mentally active when they're away at work - though don't be shocked if you come home one day to find that Rover got tired of the dog games and just hammered Margit the Fell Omen into a pulp in Elden Ring.

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