32-Year-Old Man Told He's 'Too Old' To Play GTA Online

32-Year-Old Man Told He's 'Too Old' To Play GTA Online
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19th Aug 2022 10:29

Unless you're Peter Pan, it's sad to admit that we all have to grow up someday. We saw it with Andy in Toy Story, and sometimes, you need to put away your old toys and step out into the cold and corporate world of adulting - sob. 

Despite franchises like Roblox, Mario, and Pokemon being largely aimed at kids, that doesn't stop adults from playing. Also, try telling an adult they need to put down their bricks if playing LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Then again, there are some that are definitely aimed at adults, with Rockstar's foul-mouthed Grand Theft Auto definitely being one of them. 

Are You Too Old To Play GTA Online?

Although GTA isn't quite as X-rated as shooting sex toys at rivals like in Saints Row, Rockstar's long-running automotive adventure has been grabbing headlines since we were first able to kick a prostitute. Away from the mainline games, we've seen the online community boom thanks to GTA Online walking hand in hand with GTA V

If you were 17 when you played the OG GTA back in the day, you'd be 42 right now. Although age restrictions are largely laughed at by parents and kids, there's an older generation of players who've been playing GTA for decades. Sadly, some young whipper-snappers are trying to force them out of GTA Online

Posting in the GTA subreddit, poster u/M4taylor explained how he returned to GTA after a long time away from the franchise. Even though he usually goes it alone, he needed the help of others for Heists. The OP explained the abuse he's received and asked "Am I so out of touch that I really am old and shouldn't be part of this game?"


The GTA Community Responds

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In a pleasant twist, he found plenty of supportive messages. "34. Played the first gta on pc 1996 or 1998 I think. Never stopped ever since. These toddlers in the lobbies that are screaming are not fading me. I mute them," said one. Another laughed, "56 here... I'm not the best shooter but I hold my own. I get my ass handed to me by 12 yos sometimes... but if they give you any sh*t, just remind me that you can buy your own games and don't need mommy and Daddy's permission. LOL" A third said, "Sh*t... We used to play the hell out of GTA 1 in high school... These kids can get the hell off my lawn."

Online communities are huge in gaming, and you only have to look at Call of Duty: Warzone to see a wide array of ages. Then again, looking at the pros, you've got James "Clayster" Clayton, Ian "Crimsix" Porter, and Austin "SlasheR" Liddicoat as the "oldest" in the CDL at 30, 29, and 27. Similar to Warzone, there are accusations of a sometimes toxic GTA community, which isn't helped by young men trying to force out women and people that aren't in their age bracket. Hopefully, it's only a small cross-section of society that think someone is "too old" for GTA Online

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