100Thieves mock Evil Geniuses after signing IGL Boostio

100Thieves mock Evil Geniuses after signing IGL Boostio
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Jack Marsh

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9th Jan 2024 17:32

It's a sad state of affairs to see the reigning world champions get ripped apart in VALORANT, as the Evil Geniuses roster all departed the organisation in a contract struggle that overshadowed their 2023 success.

Evil Geniuses, who won the VALORANT Champions 2024, beating out LOUD in an epic finale, have cut back significantly on their esports division, including a huge round of layoffs, and even reportedly wanted to leave the VCT altogether, despite their success.

Even though the organisation is reportedly now wanting to stay in the VCT, the roster has been shipped out, and now 100Thieves has signed IGL Kelden "Boostio" Pupello, joking that they have freed him from contract jail.

100Thieves VALORANT sign Boostio, mocking Evil Geniuses instantly 

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It was one of the worst-kept secrets in this year's VALORANT offseason, but 100Thieves has now announced the signing of Boostio, who will join as their in-game leader to round off the roster also including Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk, Sean "bang" Bezerra, Matthew "Cyrocells" Panganiban, and Daniel "eeiu" Vucenovic.

And in true 100Thieves fashion, the announcement video placed Boostio in "contract jail", where he was freed by Head Coach Tony "Zikz" Gray, with Boostio himself mocking the saga by saying "it’s been a long four months".

The reigning world champion's teammates have also all left EG too, with only Alexander "jawgemo" Mor remaining. Ethan "Ethan" Arnold and Max "Demon1" Mazanov have already moved to NRG and Corbin "C0M" Lee recently left the side too, announcing his departure ahead of a supposed move to Leviatan.

100Thieves Editor mocks Evil Geniuses after Champions merch debacle


Known as the "hoodie org" for their rather impressive array of merch and clothes sales in the past, 100Thieves has already kit out Boostio in their signature range, which is quite a juxtaposition from his former org who came under heavy fire over their sales.

EG were recently slammed in the VALORANT community over its Champions-winning merch line release which featured lazy printed tops riddled with spelling errors.

Said T-Shirts from that range were spotted in 100Thieves' announcement video too, spicing up the rivalry, leaving popular social media manager BoDork to burst out, "NO WAY THEY BOUGHT THE EG WORLD CHAMPION SHIRT FOR THIS ANNOUNCEMENT".

However, in one final rub of salt into the Evil Geniuses wounds, 100Thieves Editor Maddie Soer took to Twitter to say, "I printed it out and ironed it on. I would never spend money on this s**t."

Boostio will look to use his leadership to finally put 100Thieves on the map in the VALORANT Champions Tour, following seasons of unrest in the camp, and it already looks like it could be a match made in heavenly clothing attire.

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