Canuckle answer today: Wednesday 4 October 2023

Canuckle answer today: Wednesday 4 October 2023
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Harry Boulton


4th Oct 2023 05:00

Even the most patriotic Canadians might struggle with the Canuckle answer today, as sometimes the right word just escapes us. If Wordle wasn't quite as specific as you might have liked, then this particular game might scratch your Canada-adjacent itch, as the answer is always going be related to the North American country and its culture.

There's thankfully a new Canuckle answer every single day to always keep your brain active, so if you feel like you're the master of all things Canada then you might want to try and keep a streak alive.

Of course, things don't always go to plan though, and some days the words just might not be going your way. Thankfully with us you don't need to worry however, as we've got the exact Canuckle answer today waiting for you down below, letting you rest easy and maybe learn a fun fact too.

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What is Canuckle?

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Canuckle is one of the many Wordle-like word games that have sprung up over the past couple of years, only this one is specifically dedicated to all things Canada. There's a new five letter word every single day that has something to do with the country that runs on maple, whether it be one of its many cities, or one of your favourite Canadianisms.

If you're familiar with Wordle then the rules are thankfully the same, only the green tinge of a correct letter has been replaced with the ruby red of the Candian flag. If today's Canuckle answer is causing you trouble though, make sure to continue reading as we've got the solution waiting patiently for you below.

Canuckle answer today: Wednesday 4 October 2023

Screenshot of the correct Canuckle answer today with Melon
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The Canuckle answer today is STOUT, and once you put it in you'll be greeted with a fun fact about how this relates to the great nation of Canada. If you ever feel stuck again, however, make sure to check back on this guide as we'll have the latest Canuckle answer no matter what day it is.

So, that reveals the Canuckle answer today, hopefully keeping your streak alive and teaching you something new too. If you're after more solutions though, you'd better check out our dedicated word games page, as we've got plenty of guides there to help you out no matter what games you play.