Zenless Zone Zero Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers And More

Zenless Zone Zero Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers And More
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27th May 2022 17:00

Zenless Zone Zero is an upcoming game by HoYoverse, the same developers of popular RPG, Genshin Impact. Adapting the same anime art style, Zenless Zone Zero is set in a more futuristic urban setting, with many characters already showcased in the May 2022 announcement trailer. For more information on this anticipated HoYoverse release, including gameplay, trailers, and a possible release date, read on.

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Zenless Zone Zero Story And Gameplay

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Zenless Zone Zero takes place in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a cataclysmic event where dimensions known as Hollows have spawned in monsters to wreak havoc on the population. Amongst the ruin, the last city standing known as New Eridu has become a beacon of hope for citizens. Over time, New Eridu has become corrupt with the population split between warring gangs and factions, fighting over the resources extracted from the Hollows. Amidst the chaos, you play as a Proxy, a hired professional Hollow traveller.

Like Genshin Impact we will get to choose between a brother and sister to play as, and the game will operate on a party system, swapping gameplay between a roster of characters. Whether the characters will be available in a gacha system like Genshin Impact or not is still out for speculation.

Zenless Zone Zero Trailer

Here is the latest trailer for Zenless Zone Zero which provides a peek into both the characters and the world of New Eridu. 

Zenless Zone Zero Release Date

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As Zenless Zone Zero was only officially announced on May 13, 2022 and development is expected to commence in June, with no concrete release date proposed yet. The developers have, however, released details of a tuning test in which people will be able to participate in a closed beta test of the game, after signing up on their website. During the beta, miHoYo has promised to conduct an exclusive giveaway of two Alienware PCs to two lucky participants. Stay tuned for further updates on the release date here.

Zenless Zone Zero Characters

There is a roster of characters displayed on the announcement trailer for Zenless Zone Zero, so we can expect a wide range of options similar to that of Genshin Impact. However, miHoYo has thus far, only released details on the Anby Demara, Nicole Demara and most recently, Billy the Kid characters.

Anby is described as ‘A young girl whose age and past are a mystery,’ and an individual belonging to the Cunning Hares faction in the game. With an effective fighting style but slightly naive personality, nothing more has been leaked about this character yet.

Nicole Demara is the one that adopted Anby and took her under her wing so to speak. Also belonging to the Cunning Hares Odd-job Agency, she is described as a crafty character who is notorious for her cunning reputation amongst other factions in the game and clients, who sometimes blacklist her from jobs because of this. She is featured heavily in the trailers, as the founding leader of the Cunning Hares. With her origins alluding to a history of being on the streets of New Eridu and having the street-smarts to match this. 

Billy the Kid is one of the most visually interesting characters featured so far. He is a human-robot belonging to the Cunning Hares Agency, and is described as a strong cyborg that is surprisingly gentle and calm most of the time. His dual revolvers are called 'the girls' and he seems to have something of a goofy personality, constantly quoting lines from his favourite show 'the Starlight Knight'. This interesting character has already inspired fan-art from fans, before the official Zenless Zone Zero release and has given some added flavour to New Eridu and what we may expect there.

We can be sure to expect more character releases as the game progresses in development. So, stay tuned for further updates and character announcements. 

Zenless Zone Zero Platforms

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In regards to what platforms you can expect to play Zenless Zone Zero on, PC and iOS have been confirmed so far, with no mention of console versions yet. This may be subject to change, however, as other HoYoverse games have managed to cross over onto consoles.

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