WoW Server Population: How Many People Play World Of Warcraft?

WoW Server Population: How Many People Play World Of Warcraft?
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14th Jun 2022 13:42

You may want to know what the WoW server population is, as the legendary massively multiplayer online role-playing game is well over 18 years at this point, but despite its age and the ongoing issues at Activision-Blizzard, the game is still going strong. World of Warcraft is one of the most famous games on the planet, and the title that popularised the theme park MMO design philosophy that many games have since emulated. Whether you're still playing after all these years or someone who's wanting to dive in finally, here's a breakdown of the current Wow server population. 

WoW Server Population

WoW Server Population
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Currently, the average monthly player base for World of Warcraft stands just under six million, and it's currently gaining players for the first in quite a while. This is likely due to the recent announcement of the game's ninth expansion, Dragonflight, which is set to come sometime in the near future.

Expansions always see temporary boosts in the player base, but as the game continues to age, the population is steadily dwindling. WoW may have had its time in the sun already, but that doesn't mean it's ready to fall like Icarus just yet, and it's still doing incredibly well in comparison to other MMOs. 

If you need a specific breakdown of the most popular servers, read on below:

Firemaw - EU English WoW Classic PvP - 31007 active players

Benediction - US East WoW Classic PvP - 29604 active players

Faerlina - US East WoW Classic PvP - 24861 active players

Gehennas - EU English WoW Classic PvP - 20706 active players

Grobbulus - US West PvP RP - 19318 active players

Venoxis - EU German PvP - 15760 active players

Whitemane - US West PvP RP - 19318 active players

Mankrik - US East PvE - 10778 active players


Pagle - US East PvE - 10162 active players

Пламегор - RU Russian PvP - 9280 active players

Arugal - US Oceanic PvP - 9004 active players

Pyrewood Village - EU English PvE - 8206 active players

Everlook - EU German PvE - 8157 active players

Atiesh - US West PvE - 7760 active players

Golemagg - EU English PvP - 7506 active players

Sulfuron - EU French PvP - 7255 active players

Auberdine - EU French PvE - 6646 active players

Mirage Raceway - EU English PvE - 6528 active players

Earthshaker - EU English PvP - 6402 active players

Yojamba - US Oceanic PvP - 5136 active players

That's all for our breakdown of the WoW server population, and now you know how popular the game is generally, along with what the most popular servers are by player count.

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