Which PUBG Map Is The Best?

Which PUBG Map Is The Best?

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7th Jun 2021 17:57

Maps are an underrated aspect of Battle Royale games. If a map is subpar in a traditional multiplayer shooter like Halo or Call of Duty, it’s not a big deal. These games release with dozens of maps, so a bad egg here or there is to be expected.

However, Battle Royale games typically only have a couple of maps at most. Fortnite has one playable map and Apex Legends usually rotates between two maps. These maps HAVE to be good because you play on the same map every match.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is unique in that it has seven total maps for Battle Royale. Some of these maps are spectacular. Others, not so much. With so many maps to choose from, players will want to know which maps are the best.

This guide will provide detailed overview of every map and ultimately find out which PUBG map is the best.

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7. Haven

The newest PUBG map is also probably the worst. Haven is the smallest map to date, measuring at a slim 1x1km. Haven is an urban map built exclusively around mid to close-quarters combat (CQC). Haven supports a max of 32 players.

The developers tried something new with Haven, creating the first-ever PvP & PvE experience in PUBG. An AI faction called Pillar patrols the island and guards high-tier loot spots. On Haven, players fight real opponents along with AI opponents.

The innovation is appreciated, but it just doesn’t stick. PUBG thrives as a slow, tactical shooter. Playing on Haven feels more like Fortnite than PUBG.

Haven was a fun experiment, but it’s too far separated from the traditional PUBG experience.

karakin map pubg
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6. Karakin

Just a size up from Haven, we have Karakin. Karakin is a 2x2km map designed around the North African desert. Karakin holds up to 64 players per match and has the unique feature of Black Zones.

Karakin is double the size of Haven, but it’s still just a speck of land compared to the 8x8km maps of the early days of PUBG. Karakin isn’t very popular in the community for reasons similar to Haven. The style of gameplay induced by Karakin’s smaller layout is simply too different from the tactical style most players are accustomed to. Additionally, Karakin is not very pretty aesthetically. The map is not much more than a bunch of dirt and rocks.

Karakin can be a nice alternative for players looking to play fast and aggressive. However, Karakin doesn’t stand out enough to overtake other maps on this list.

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5. Miramar

Miramar was the second map ever released into PUBG. Miramar stays true to PUBG’s roots at a size of 8x8km. Miramar is based in the Mexico desert and consists of dozens of little cities/settlements and open desert plains.

Tied for the largest map in the game, there’s no argument that Miramar encourages the tactical style of play PUBG is known for. So, why is Miramar ranked all the way down at #5 on this list?

Miramar is just too big for the amount of content on the map. Other maps of Miramar’s size consist of lush forests and urban cities with mountains, rivers, oceans, beaches and more. These other maps have tons of variety in their settings. Miramar? Much of Miramar is just open desert with no cover or change in elevation. It’s like playing in a wasteland.

Miramar needs a serious makeover to move up these rankings.

best pubg map
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4. Paramo

Coming in at #4, we have Paramo. Paramo is another one of the smaller maps, coming in at 3x3km. Paramo’s draw is the active volcanoes covering the map.

Paramo is the best of the 3x3km and below maps. It’s not so small where gameplay is compromised, offering a good mix of tactical and aggressive gameplay.

Paramo launched with a bag of unique features that carry it up our rankings list. The first is Paramo’s Dynamic Map Locations. Major points of interest (POIs) and parts of the terrain are relocated in every new session. No one session on the map is ever the same. This feature really adds to Paramo’s replayability. New with Paramo is also the idea of active volcanoes wreaking mayhem on the map and Secret Room Keys. Both of these features add to Paramo’s allure.

Paramo is not exactly the traditional PUBG experience, but it’s a good example of innovation done right.

pubg sanhok map
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3. Sanhok

Kicking off the top three, it’s Sanhok. Sanhok is a 4x4km map based in Southeast Asia. Sanhok is covered in dense jungle with a massive river flowing between. 

The aesthetic of Sanhok is top-notch. There’s not really another map that looks better. This is probably because the PUBG Corp art team actually travelled to Southeast Asia for inspiration in Sanhok’s design. Sanhok is the opposite of its barren counterparts such as Karakin and Miramar. Sanhok is home to caves and bridges that not only look nice but allow for creative strategic opportunities.

Gameplay-wise, Sanhok perfected the mix between slow and fast-paced gameplay. Sanhok is half the size of maps like Miramar, but it’s not nearly as hectic as Karakin or Haven.

Die-hard fans of the original PUBG experience may dislike Sanhok, but overall, it’s a great map that suits players on both sides of the coin.

pubg vikendi dino park
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2. Vikendi

Vikendi is a 6x6km island on the Adriatic Sea. Like Sanhok, Vikendi has a unique design not shared by any other maps in the game. The map is covered in snow, adding an interesting dynamic to the gameplay.

Vikendi has some of the most original and eye-catching POIs in all of PUBG. Castle and Dino Park in particular stand out.

At its initial release, Vikendi struggled with glitches and poor performance. But after receiving a major overhaul in Season 7, the remastered version quickly emerged as one of the best maps in the game.

best pubg map
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1. Erangel

Last but certainly not least, we have PUBG’s OG map, Erangel. Erangel is the map almost everyone thinks of when they think of PUBG — and for good reason. 

Erangel is 8x8km but does not suffer from the issues facing other large maps like Miramar. The entire island is rich with diverse terrain. Erangel features intense CQC in urban environments to long-range engagements across wheat fields and mountaintops. Players will come across a variety of different battles on Erangel.

Erangel is well-balanced for all styles of play and perfectly encompasses the slow, tactical, PUBG feel. Erangel is a true joy to play on.

PUBG was the number one game on the planet for a while, and a lot of that is thanks to Erangel.

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