When Is VALORANT Coming To Xbox?

When Is VALORANT Coming To Xbox?
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Joshua Boyles


1st Dec 2022 15:32

Is VALORANT coming to Xbox? VALORANT is a beloved shooter that's played by millions on the PC platform. However, there are hints that the Riot Games title may yet come to console platforms. The big question is, though, when is VALORANT coming to Xbox? Keep reading to find out.

Is VALORANT Coming To Xbox?

When Is VALORANT Coming To Xbox?
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There are certainly several signs that a VALORANT release on Xbox is imminent. Back in 2020, developers at Riot Games discussed how a console port of VALORANT would take a considerable amount of effort. However, signs were promising that the same was at least thinking about porting the game over to Xbox and PlayStation.

What's more, a job listing in February 2022 pointed towards an upcoming console release of VALORANT. Two listings for 'Senior Game Designers' appeared on the Riot Games website, seemingly to work on a console version of the popular PC title. The studio has confirmed that it is working to bring the shooter to mobile devices, so it would seem that Xbox and PlayStation aren't too far behind on the agenda.

To add more fuel to the fire, Microsoft recently entered a deal with Riot Games in which Xbox Game Pass subscribers can unlock all VALORANT and League of Legends characters with their subscription. With the two companies working together closely, there's a good chance that Riot Games could be looking to bring VALORANT to Microsoft's console platform.

When Is VALORANT Coming To Xbox?

When Is VALORANT Coming To Xbox?
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Despite all of the evidence listed above, Riot Games is yet to make any official announcement that VALORANT will be arriving on Xbox any time soon. The best guess we can make is that it will be some time in 2023, but that's purely speculation.

Meanwhile, we have to ask ourselves whether VALORANT would be a good game to play on consoles. Much of the gameplay relies on twitch reaction shooting and highly competitive playstyles. Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch has shown that those sort of games definitely have a home on console, but VALORANT is a whole other kettle of fish.

If Riot Games ever does decide to port VALORANT to Xbox and PlayStation, we'll update this article for you.

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