What's New In Overwatch 2?

What's New In Overwatch 2?

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Katie Memmott


10th Jun 2021 13:18

Overwatch 2 is official, and with a release date speculated for 2022, eager OW fans may be wondering what’s new in Overwatch 2?

is overwatch 2 a sequel?

Overwatch 2 is a dedicated sequel to 2016’s Overwatch, and will be compatible with the first game, meaning OW2 players can still play against Overwatch players in PVP.

The events of Overwatch 2 directly carry on from Overwatch.

will overwatch 2 have PVP?

PVP still exists in Overwatch 2, but will switch from a 6v6 format to 5v5, eliminating one Tank role from the PVP gameplay experience, meaning the team of Heroes will now contain one Tank, two Damage, and two Supports.

will overwatch 2 have pvp
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Will overwatch 2 have a campaign?

Overwatch 2 will not feature a single-player campaign, just like its predecessor. PVE missions, however, will be included, in the form of Hero Missions and Story Missions.

With hundreds of these missions available, the PVE scenarios will be split between Story Missions and Hero Missions, expanding the lore of Overwatch and giving you a breather from intense PVP battles.

The co-op experience will also give players a chance to “level up” their Heroes with the new Talent Tree.

will overwatch 2 have a campaign
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Is overwatch the same as overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 will share many similarities with the original title, including the same 21-map pool and hero pool as Overwatch. Any new heroes and maps added to OW2 will also be ported to Overwatch, along with crossplay between the two for PVP battles.

Is overwatch the same as overwatch 2?
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New maps include Rome, Toronto, New York City, Gothenburg, and Rio de Janeiro, along with new Hero Sojourn.

Overwatch 2 will be a true sequel to Overwatch, with its own unique qualities.


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