What Champions says the Loldle quote, "Silver of the moon"?

What Champions says the Loldle quote, "Silver of the moon"?
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Jake Bannister


25th Nov 2023 08:49


The weekend has arrived and it's time to go again with another Loldle "Quote" answer to unravel. We create a new champion quote guide every day, to help keep players all-important streaks alive! Whether you're seeking some subtle hints or prefer to jump straight to the answer, we've got you covered with everything below.

Hints for today's LoLdle quote

As promised, here are some hints for today's "Silver of the moon" quote to give you a nudge in the right direction, if you want to try another shot at solving the answer yourself.

  • This champion was introduced in 2011.
  • They are known as 'The Night Hunter'.
  • They are a marksman champion.
  • They are usually used in the top and bottom lanes.

Answer for today's quote

LAST WARNING: This is your last warning, if you want to view the hints and try to solve the answer yourself, scroll to the top and click the 'hints' within the contents. Otherwise, scroll on and the answer will be revealed.

Today's quote "Silver of the moon" wasn't an easy one to solve, as you would only really be able to figure it out if you had actually played with her beforehand, but fear not as the unknown champion is actually the Monster Hunter herself, Vayne

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