What Are The Void Flood Missions In Warframe?

What Are The Void Flood Missions In Warframe?
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10th May 2022 16:47

The Warframe Void Flood missions came in the latest expansion for the game, Angels of the Zariman, which added a tonne of new content, allowing players to work through new missions for reward drops and more. There are many types of missions to undertake in Warframe, letting you fight across a range of locations in the game's galaxy. So, if you need to know what the Void Flood missions in Warframe are, we've got you covered. 

What Are The Void Flood Missions In Warframe?

What Are The Void Flood Missions In Warframe?
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The Void Flood is a new type of endless mission that was introduced in April 2022, when the Angels of the Zariman expansion released. In this mission type, you need to make your way around the Zariman Ten Zero spaceship and close ruptures being formed by Void enemies. To do this, you will need to collect a resource throughout the mission called Vitoplast, this has a small chance of dropping from defeated enemies, but the easiest way of attaining it is by finding the pickups which are floating in various areas. 

After collecting enough Vitoplast you will be able to seal the ruptures, which spawns in even more powerful enemies called Thrax Centurions and Thrax Legates, allowing you to kill them for rare drops. It's also worth noting that a special enemy called Skittergirl can sometimes spawn and steal Vitoplast, but killing her with result in her body dropping a tonne of the stolen resource.


The last thing to worry about during these missions is the Corruption Gauge. As the mission progresses, this bar will fill up, and at 40%, 70%, and 100%, it will either buff enemies or debuff the player randomly. This can be reduced by sealing ruptures and killing Thrax enemies, and if the gauge hits 100% and stays like that for two and a half minutes, you will be forced to abandon the mission. If you do bounties that involve the Void Flood mission, sometimes you will have to keep the Corruption Gauge below 70%, or you'll incur an instant failure.

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Warframe Void Flood Rewards

Warframe Void Flood Rewards
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Aside from the rewards and resources you can earn from killing enemies, the specific mission drops for Void Flood missions can be earned after sealing three ruptures and killing a Thrax enemy. The rotation of these rewards goes AABC, which maps onto the reward tables which we will display below.

Reward Table Reward Drop Rate
A x5000 Credit Cache 50%
A x450 Endo 18.75%
A Voidgel Orb 9.38%
A Meso A3 3.13%
A Meso G3 3.13%
A Meso G4 3.13%
A Meso I2 3.13%
A Meso N12 3.13%
A Meso P5 3.13%
A Meso P7 3.13%
B x7500 Credit Cache 50%
B x600 Endo 20%
B Warframe Entrati Lanthorn 6.67%
B Neo C2 3.33%
B Neo K4 3.33%
B Neo M4 3.33%
B Neo N16 3.33%
B Neo N20 3.33%
B Neo P4 3.33%
B Neo V10 3.33%
C Madurai Lens 16%
C Naramon Lens 16%
C Unairu Lens 16%
C Vazarin Lens 16%
C Zenurik Lens 16%
C Aeolak Receiver Blueprint 10%
C Aeolak Stock Blueprint 10%


That's all for our primer on the new Warframe Void Flood missions, and now you know how to take part in the missions, and the kinds of rewards you can get. 

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